Saturday, April 9, 2005


So I have had an account with yahoo mail for 13 years or better. Two days ago they killed it. No reason, just gone. I lost my whole address book which was pretty good sized thanx to 13 years of collecting. The best part is that I only know a quarter of the people on my list other than their e-mail. So if I stop talking to you I am sorry, BLAME YAHOO for being bastards. For all you that do know me I have a new e-mail address, give me a call I will give it to you. I of couse after the fact will be backing up my addresses from now on I suggest you do to.

He gave a quarter and his order; small fries BIG MAC - Run DMC

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

3 Of Them

I recently saw Eurotrip. It was funny, I will admit that but it was also lame. The jokes are all the same stuff rehashed, not since Me, Myself and Irene have I seen a movie that made me laugh so hard I almost puked. Comedies are getting very repetitive. Be Cool was funny but not gut busting funny. Comedy needs a new great hit to jump-start its ailing genre. Action on the other hand looks good, Drama OK, Kung Fu no prob but horror is horrible. The Ring, The Grudge, the crappiest movies, I slept through both. Need a kick-start there too.

We're All Stars Now, In The Dope Show - Marilyn Manson