Wednesday, March 25, 2009

To Blog, or not to blog... that is the question?

With the coming amnesty Obama will grant up to 30,000,000 illegal aliens citizenship and permanently sway the vote to the democrats. After that Obama's socialist dream will become a reality. The question is: Do I continue to blog about how Obama is stepping on the Constitution and killing the American dream? OR: Do I start changing my tune to an Obama supporter so when he starts putting "right wing extremist" in "labor camps" I can be a guard and not a prisoner? Now I know you're gonna say "Stand up for your beliefs" and "That won't happen". But that's been said before and I lost many family members on my mothers side in the Holocaust. This is all for naught in the long run because I just won't give up that easy.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Saga Continues

I've been giving you all a running list of my health problems and it hasn't subsided yet. I came off of my chest cold right into a head cold. It's got my ears clogged and my throat a mess so the cough is still with me. On top of that I've been poisoned to the tune of pink eye. That was something I was over being the ripe or past ripe age of thirty, the last time I had it was 2003 after being doused at Universal Studios Jurassic Park ride. At least than I had a cool excuse. So it's March so I am going through my 4th month of being sick. Safe to say I am sick of being sick. While it's not getting me down like it was before I still really really want to be over this.

Of course if there's one thing uglier than my health it's the stock market. Down 3000 points since November we are at levels not seen in a dozen years. Now I won't say that this is all Obama's fault but he is not giving us much hope between the stimulus and the largest budget in American history.

Last thing I wanted to comment on is the remaking of almost every movie made in the last 50 years. Classic or not. Poltergeist, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure , The NeverEnding Story, Child's Play, The 39 Steps, Adventures in Babysitting, Footloose, The Evil Dead, Pet Cemetery, Oh, God!, Predator, Porky's, RoboCop, Spies Like Us, Sharky's Machine, Smokey and the Bandit, Vanishing Point, The Stepfather, Romancing the Stone, Weird Science and Total Recall. Some of these I've never heard of much less want to see remade.