Tuesday, November 8, 2011

When 8.6% Is Really 17.2%

I know it's been forever since my last post. I recently moved from Victorville to Los Angeles, I also started a new job. Which is a good thing since I was unemployed for nearly two years  before this. That means by the White House numbers I wasn't looking for work anymore and therefore didn't count towards the unemployment numbers.

Take this week's unemployment change, The number dropped form 9% to 8.6%, now normally that would be great, but the Obama admin skews the number for their own good. Last month 115,000 jobs were added to the overall numbers. Though that in itself in not enough to lower the rate by 0.4, good thing after 99 weeks an additional 320,ooo people are dropped off the list of unemployed with added to the 115k is 435,000 jobs (added) to drop the official unemployed numbers to 13,896,456.

Beyond that fallacy lies an even larger one. The actual number of unemployed is 25,029,907. Every week some more people fall off the "unemployed" list, not because they got jobs but because they "stopped looking". I can tell you the whole two years I was unemployed I never stopped looking. When you add the "stopped looking" people back into the list you get the 17.2% that are actually unemployed.

Obama desperately needs the unemployment numbers under 9%, no president in modern history has been re-elected with unemployment over 8%,  and while 8.6% is over watch the msm they will only acknowledge 8% and push how the great Obama saved the day. Time to take the wool off your eyes, and spread the word. Tell your friends and neighbors not to fall for the administration's illusions.

Don't believe me? Do the math yourself, take the numbers from the debt clock and do the math with the official WH numbers.