Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Quick Update

OK my time in Israel is rapidly coming to a close, but since I am still here this post will be short and sweet. When I get back I will post an extended review of my time here. Both what I am doing and the politics I experienced. One thing I will say is it has been cool and rainy almost the whole time I have been here, which is out of place being this is a desert! Global Warming forgot about the Holy Land I guess. Suck it Algore! I just recently read that the US is experiencing a record low number of tornadoes this year, btw it was supposed to be record highs. Along with that the "experts" are predicting a worse than normal hurricane season as well. Funny thing is they have said this every year since Katrina and been wrong every time. But God forbid we do get a bad season and the nuts will claim some sort of victory. Weirdos! The sad part is the brainwashed masses are still crying over the melting glaciers in the north drowning the poor polar bears. Someone should tell them polar bears are expert swimmers and can hold their breath for an hour or better. I would rant more but my fingers are freezing off here in the cold of the Israeli desert.