Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Beyond the Sea, Heaven and National Security

I saw "Beyond the Sea" yesterday and am sorry to say was very disappointed. A Sea Minus is very generous, the plot was poorly written and hard to follow. Kevin Spacey was good even though Bobby Darin just came off as a weirdo. Spacey carried a tune nicely and even some spiffy dance moves to keep the first hour fun but the second was sooooo drawn out I almost fell alseep. I'd say pass if your thinking about renting.

Another pass is "Kingdom Of Heaven". Orlando Bloom tries desperately to keep this movie alive but not even Legolas can keep this fallacy flying. Liam Neeson has fallen into the b actor category despite "Narnia" which was a mistake on Disney's part for putting him in it. "KOH" twists history to make the muslims the hero's & the Christians the stupid misguided enemy. Agenda Movies are an instant "F" in my book.

The Democrats claim some sort of victory for national security by blocking the DPW port takeover, but after their "Victory" they went right back to criticizing the President for the wiretapping of terrorist, they falsely call domestic. Cause the port deal makes a huge difference when terrorist are calling and being called from inside the US. National Security cannot be pick and choose, it's all or nothing. Or did you forget:

I didn't

I feel my world shake, Like an earth quake, Hard to see clear. Is it me? Is it fear? I'm madly in anger with you. And I want my anger to be healthy, And I want my anger just for me, And I need my anger not to control me, And I want my anger to be me, And I need to set my anger free- MetallicA

Thursday, March 9, 2006