Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hello America!

I just can't believe how fast we are slipping into outright communism. Obama is not so slowly nationalizing banking, automobile production, student loans and health care. He says judge him by the people he surrounds himself with and files in Van Jones, Anita Dunn, Cas Susstein, Buffy Wicke and ACORN. All of whom identify themself as either socialist or looking to Mao for political guidance.

In California the "Republican" governor recently signed a bill that would require a thumb print and photo ID to purchase ammunition, which I am sure the rest of the Country will follow soon, by making it harder for LEGAL gun owners to buy ammo they are one step closer to the nazi style gun bans and registration hitler had laid out to keep his people under his thumb. It doesn't matter which of the Bill of Rights goes down first be it the second amendment or the fourth once one goes the rest will fall like dominoes.

In the soviet union the state controled the newspaper and it only printed the news the state wanted put out there ignoring the real stories. Here in the USA this is being reborn by the mainstream media (MSM) which is completely devoted to Comrade Obama and badmouthing FOXNEWS the only media outlet that dares to say anything dissenting. Which I might add was encouraged by Nancy Pelosi during the Bush years, but now people who dissent are called a mob, nazis and unpatriotic. How are we supposed to trust the MSM when it's broadcaster get a "thrill up their leg" when Obama talks?

Taxes are sky high and rising with no end in sight. Taxes are being levied on things like juice, soda, sweets, cigarettes, and vegetables. Even with the biggest tax increase in American history the deficit is climbing to uncharted territory. Trillions of dollars of debt being left our children and grandchildren. While social security continues to die it's slow death and the cost of government run health care not even added in yet!

 Roman political philosopher Cicero spoke on the enemy within and how they attack the pillars of society. Have you noticed the pillars of our society being attacked? Police Officers who are doing their jobs attacked by the President himself on television. The Church being attacked on all sides from prayer, Bibles, the Ten Commandments and the name of GOD being removed from our pledge, money and buildings. This Country was built on Judeo-Christian foundation. Wise men who built this house upon a rock. Who over the last 233 years gave Glory and Prayers to God openly during speeches and were not ashamed. But in the last year we opened a WWII memorial with NO mention of God at all! How does this happen? All the great Presidents of the past Washington, Lincoln, FDR and Kennedy spoke of God and how they Prayed daily (there were many more, but these are the one even democrats call great).

 The people are already standing up, the 9/12 march in DC was most likely the largest in American history. Tea Parties are back and I say Samuel Addams would be proud to see what we are doing. I have been to several tea parties myself and intend on going to more. I will blog and make calls, vote when the time comes for real change. Because I have hope in America not the President. There is already a Savior in my life and his name is Jesus Christ not Barack Obama.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Post Coming

I am working on a big one, but it's a jumbled mess right now and I need to do more editing. I promise it will be posted soon.