Friday, December 21, 2007

Books & Globull Warming

So I have been reading a lot lately, I read "The Political Zoo" by Michael Savage last month around Thanksgiving. It was a good book. Along with the comedy of the illustrations Savage give a no holds bar view on a wide band of people from politicians (left and right) to celebrities who won't shut up. Over all it was a fun read around 300 pages, that goes nice and quick. One day I will post a book list of what I have read and it's rating according to me.

Speaking of me, I have been telling people for a long time there is no such thing as a consensus in science and whoever tells you otherwise is a idiot. Algore has been spewing his man made global warming IS happening and IS irreversible and WE have to pay for it. Now a an official U.S. Senate report written by over 400 scientist who debunk Algore's stupid myth.

Now I have heard the argument "But isn't cleaning up the planet a good idea anyway?". It sounds alright except globull warming legislation has cost taxpayers MILLIONS if not BILLIONS of dollars. Just think about the ethanol push alone that was mandated by the POTUS, since then the cost of corn has gone through the roof. This caused riots in Mexico where a corn tortilla is their wonder bread. Also the prices of beef, milk, chicken, eggs and cheese have shot up due to the fact that they all require corn. I could go on and on... Light bulbs, cars, electricity and of course gasoline itself.

Read the senate report I know it's long but if you sat through "An Inconvenient Truth" you owe it to yourself to be informed on both sides.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Me and Fred

So I googled myself today and I came up first. That freaks me out. There was a time when I was 4th but to be first is kinda weird and cool. What I hope is that it means more people were reading this blog than I thought. If so sorry about the absence. I am willing to put my differences with google aside to satisfy my legions of fans. In case I didn't mention I have very different political views than google and I am unhappy with their censoring of, well, anything. Anyway to all my fans I will be posting here again till I find some thing better.

Just in case you didn't see my "myspace" I am endorsing Fred Thompson for POTUS. don't take my word on it read his positions on his page they speak for themselves. i know you are saying he doesn't campaign enough or he is "lazy" but I will tell you different. The MSM (mainstream media) does not want to see the likes of Fred in the White House. So they pick the candidate they think will be the biggest pushover for Clinton and play him up, Huckabee is that sucker. He is a RINO that can only be compared to Jimmy Carter. Of course there is the mayor, the mormon and the veteran but they all stand for the same thing. I know that we will NEVER have another Ronald Reagan to unite the country but Fred Thompson is the closest we are gonna get.