Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm Back

Sorry about that little stretch of quiet, I recently started a new job and have been swamped. The holidays are a busy time at K-Mart, yep I'm working at K-Mart. I can't get into details on K-Mart, there is actually a no social networking clause in my job description. Big K aside, I have been following the news and wanted to comment briefly on some of the big and not so big stories.

First off Korea; North Korea attacked a small island belonging to S. Korea disrupting some war games. The MSM is hyping this into another war. Officially the Korean War was never ended so it would be a re-escalation, but beyond that, this is nothing new. The last power shift in NK between Kim Il-Sung and current despot Kim Jong-Il there was the same show of power type deal. Now Kim Jong-Il is passing the dictatorial torch to his son Kim Jong-Un so it is no surprise NK is acting up. They probably want what they aways want when they do something stupid, more food and money from the US. Which we always give.

The Wikileaks classified document dump is another thing in the news big right now. Again we are not learning anything we didn't already know. Iran was funneling weapons to Hezbollah during the recent spat with Israel, duh! Does something need to be done about this? Yes, of course but is it being blow out of proportion probably to cover another story? I think so.

That story would be the "lame duck" congress going back to their failed agenda. Yes Nancy Pelosi is still in charge and right now as I type House Bill S510 (food safety) is being debated and goes for vote tomorrow. This is another power grab by the federal govt. via the FDA. I feel like American food is pretty safe and letting the FDA run wild with regulations and taxes is just going to hurt us where it counts most, our wallets. But there's more, a week after massive protest in California over the rising cost of universities, the "dream act"  is getting the big push from democrats and RINO republicans. This will allow deportable illegal aliens to attend college at a highly subsidized rate, the cost of this of course falls on us the US taxpayer. The list could go on, but I promised brevity.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

In Defense of Michael Vick

I don't get this whole " should we forgive Vick" question, if he killed your personal dog it then your forgiving him is between you and God. I saw a damaged soul get busted and serve his time. While prison won't change his soul, he is clean in the eyes of the law. If he has had some kind of God finding moment in his life then I am inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt and even clear away the damaged part.

This is America, our place is not to keep grudges, but to believe in God's ability to make us better. There is a reason "In God We Trust" is on our money and our govt buildings, and it's not for God's sake, but ours. Call it a reminder, for our govt to remember it's founding and the reason the United States is the strongest, richest, and the most merciful, charitable country in history, usually those don't go together. The money is a reminder to us the people that God gave us our freedom and will continue to do so as long as remember that. Ultimately this is bigger than Michael Vick, but it applies.

By the way I am neither a Vick fan or an Eagles fan, but who are we to sit in judgement?


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Seeing RED

Saw the movie "RED" yesterday, Bruce Willis topped an all star cast including John Malkovich and Helen Mirren. I guess you could describe "RED" as a AARP version of "Expendables", in a good way. The premise was a group of retired CIA operatives who are brought back into the spy game when they are put on a list to be terminated. I'm not gonna give away anymore, you should go see this movie, it was action packed, loads of fun and while the violence was extreme the language was pretty clean (one f-bomb) and no sex or nudity. Safe for your teens, but I'd leave the little ones home.

But this is not a movie review, it's politics people. Back a few post I mentioned how hollywood has been trying to force feminized heroes on us (Scott Pilgrim and the like), "RED" was just more proof that we don't want girly heroes. Bruno is getting close to sixty and he is our go to tough guy. I like "Live Free Die Hard" but the thought that Bruce is signed to do two more is disturbing. Is there really not a MAN under 40 that can be an action star (sorry Michael Cera doesn't count)? We have some prospects, Chris Pine (the new Kirk from "Star Trek") is taking on the role of Jack Ryan handed down from another aging action anchor Harrison Ford.

The feminist movement has destroyed chivalry and ruined true feminism. Not to mention at least two generations of boys. Boys who were drugged by schools when they showed signs of being boys. Dodge ball was deemed unsafe and tag-you're it was halted cause no one should be put on the spot and be called "it". God forbid a boy want a toy gun, what happened to GI Joe? Who is going defend this country if we turn all our boys to girls? Masculine responsibility for the civilization’s survival is replaced by womanish dreams maneuvering for trouble to be wished away. Such peoples no longer know how to defend themselves. They instead argue themselves to impotence.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

QE2 Is No Boat, But It Is Costing Us A Boatload!

I was going to write out a long form post explaining QE2 (quantitative easing), I have been reading up and getting all the lingo sorted out so I could make it as clear as possible. Jump ahead two hours and I found this little gold nugget. Thanks to Karl Denninger for making it so clear and easy.

I wouldn't have done any better, remember folks if shooting yourself in the foot doesn't work the first time, shoot the other foot and see if that makes it all better.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

TSA: Naked Scan Or Else!

A while back I posted on the naked scanners in "Say Cheese", they were new on the scene and people weren't happy. Some are claiming health issues and now some airports are screaming "opt out" if you choose not to be scanned and putting people though demeaning, sometimes painful "pat downs" that include squeezing or twisting genitalia.

Pilots who have to go through the scanners multiple times a day for some are saying that the repeated exposure to the radiation could create health issues. Just like getting multiple x-rays. Still others say that the bombardment or radiation can damage your DNA and cause serious problems.

The "Opt Out" seems to be discouraged by demeaning treatment and intrusive pat downs. One story (audio) comes from a woman that had been through the opt out wringer before and just wanted to ask some question when she was swarmed by over a dozen police and TSA employees.

The TSA's blog has the official information and claims that no improper touching or groping is going on. Though the stories countering that are too numerous to post, here's a couple. From forcing a four year old girl out of her leg braces to a pregnant woman and her eight year old daughter being fondled.

I haven't come across any of these issues with the TSA, El Al is a different story. Their "secondary" screening in Zurich was hands on, but I had heard about El Al before my flight and had a pretty good idea of what I was in for. The thing that worried me most was my laptop, let me suggest a security friendly case. I will have one of these the next time I fly.

Monday, November 8, 2010

He's Bowing Again

In the past two years Obama has bowed to every dictator and other foreign dignitary he can find. I posted on it no too long ago. Well he's at it again. Bowing to the Indian Parliament, I guess that's what MSNBC meant by "Lean Forward".

When Obama was campaigning he spoke of America not being liked by the world and how he was going to fix that. Then came the apology tour that I posted about some months back. The bowing is more upsetting then anything else. He is the President of the United States, he bow to anyone! Not bowing is the reason we became an independent country in the first place, no more would we bow to the oppression of the British Crown, but Obama managed it in 2009.

I won't go as far as saying Obama committed treason, though I have seen some sites that do say that. I will say he needs to stop, Obama did say that America doesn't always have to be number one, but he doesn't get to choose that, he works for us. Every move he makes should be to strengthen us, to keep us on top and to make sure that America never bows to any man.

Friday, November 5, 2010

New Superman's Not Super Or A Man

DC Comics is producing a storyline for the seventy two year old hero called "Earth One". But this is not the Superman you grew up with, this superman is a emo, hooded sweatshirt wearing boy with disheveled hair and a brooding look complete with glowing eyes. It's being said he's the superman for "Twilight" fans. Brought to us by artist Shane Davis and writer J. Michael Straczynski
The stories Straczynski says, were never intended to become stagnant. "They are interpreted and reinterpreted for every generation. I guess DC wanted more young girls reading Superman, next you'll see him sparkling in moonlight or something. Let me be clear, this is only one storyline, stuck in one hardback graphic novel. The cape wearing "Superman" is till out there in other story lines. 

"We wanted to tell a story that's hip, sexy and moody," said DC Comics' co-publisher Dan DiDio. Of course sexier means less imposing. He's shorter, skinnier and obviously less muscular. Basically taking all his manliness away. This superman identifies with America because he was raised here, but he doesn't stand for the "American Way" that would give an unfair advantage that could lead to war! The low-rise, skinny jean wearing "hero" is more of a worldly type. In a world were Michael Cera's "Scott Pilgrim" is some kind of nerd hero, I guess this version of superman fits right in. But think about movies that won big in the last year or so, "Gran Torino" saw Clint Eastwood even in his golden years acting the tough guy role. Not to mention the actionfest that is Sylvester Stallone's "Expendables", it seems America wants more from it's heroes not less.  

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Day After Tomorrow

Yeah I know this is hitting late, I am very good at procrastinating...

The midterms have passed, the outcome was favorable, mostly. I watched the coverage all day, not to mention twitter which kept my phone beeping for hours. I split my time time between the three major news outlets Foxnews, CNN and MSNBC. I am not a fan of the latter two, but I have to do something while fox is in commercial. The outcomes were pretty much what was expected, my prediction was 59 house and 9 senate and I was close. Though being from California I have some serious disappointment to deal with.

Fox's coverage was exemplary, they stayed very close to their "Fair and Balanced" motto. They featured a litany of contributors from both sides of the aisle and did it without showing much for bias. CNN tries, but the overall dislike of the GOP still shines through in their delivery. The coverage was solid overall and they served their purpose of filling time while fox was on commercial. MSNBC was despicable, the openly hateful and bitter Matthews and Maddow cringed at every GOP gain and used the losses to make fun of and poke at the opposition. Which makes it no surprise FOX dominated the rating of the night with CNN in a far second and MSNBC behind them. 

The pick up in the Congress was nothing short of a slaughter, rebuking Obama and all the outrageous spend him and Congress has been doing for the past six years, yes six. Nancy Pelosi took over six years ago, and while Bush had made some bad call before that, things went really down hill in his second term. The GOP pick up is definitely a referendum, but not a open door for the republicans to go back to the pre-Obama ways. The tea party intervened on behalf of the people, people who wanted the GOP remember its roots and what used to make them different form the democrats. Small govt, low taxes, stern control of our borders, our common language and culture (hat tip to Michael Savage). If the GOP doesn't remember and return from it's senility it just might have to be tied to a tree and well you know the rest.

My biggest disappointment lies with California who somehow let Barbara Boxer keep her senate seat and re-install Jerry Brown, yes Moonbeam himself to the seat of Governor. Not too mention ninety percent of the props that went wrong. California is stuck on stupid. Arnold was the worst kind of RINO and he did the same amount of damage or maybe even more the Gray Davis. Boxer is known throughout the Nation as the dumbest person in the senate, I knew she would be terrible for California from the first time I met her, that would be when she came to visit my high school many moons ago. I love California, I have lived in New York, Jerusalem, and have spent shorter amounts of time in other places and none stack up to California, her beaches, mountains, deserts and forest are amazing and the weather is awesome. But the govt intrusion into peoples lives is through the roof and everyday I want to be here less and less. Why should I be driven from the place I love by socialist?

The next two years will be crucial to this country and the direction it goes. Times will be hard, we have to break our addiction to unlimited spending, the withdrawals will be painful but if we don't go through it that crazy future commercial depicting the Chinese ruling over us might just come to fruition.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Is It Tomorrow Yet?

The first of November on an election year has gotta be the most stressful day, throw onto that it's Monday (monday's suck every time), add to that last night's Halloween party (tequila & chocolate don't mix) and you have a recipe for a long day! Here in California especially...

We've got the Governor's race in full swing and the two major candidates are neck and neck. Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown are in a battle royale for the future of California, Brown is on the Obama diet of tax and spend and Whitman of course wants to slash taxes and bring some business back to what  used to be the fifth largest economy in the world. Looking at track records Brown has a long one, of failure. he was governor before, I believe his nickname was Governor Moonbeam (a nickname he received from his then girlfriend and left wing activist Linda Ronstadt) and he was referred to as a hippie fascist, because he installed hippie causes in a fascist manner. 
Whitman on the other hand has almost no political track record (she did work for Mitt Romney and then John McCain's presidential campaigns), she's a corporate titan, Whitman served as an executive in The Walt Disney Company where she was vice president of strategic planning throughout the 1980s. In the 1990s she served as an executive for DreamWorksProcter & Gamble, and Hasbro. Whitman served as President and Chief Executive Officer of eBay from 1998 to 2008 in that ten years with the company she oversaw expansion from thirty employees and four million dollars in annual revenue to more than fifteen thousand employees and eight billion dollars in annual revenue when she stepped down. Being California is billions in the hole she would have her work cut out for her and while I do not agree with all of her ideas, she absolutely out shines governor moonbeam.

I'm not going into detail on the Boxer/Fiorina race, if Barbara Boxer is allowed to continue on her path of destroying California we deserve it, I would vote for a cinder block over Boxer.

Lastly I am going to run down the props on the ballot with just a simple yes or no, it is strictly my opinion, though I have read each in detail and I can tell you on some I gave it a lot of thought before I decided.

  • 19: No, sorry stoners
  • 20: Yes, redistricting is good
  • 21: No, the parks get enough
  • 22: Yes, the roads suck enough
  • 23: Yes, global warming is a hoax
  • 24: No, businesses are hurting enough
  • 25: No, trying to fool us on this one
  • 26: Yes, less fees is good
  • 27: No, political power grab
Read up before you vote, don't wait till you are standing the booth to decide. I am not on the everyone needs to vote train, if you are stupid, stay home.