Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last Post of 2009

I was going to get into some long rant about the last year and how the downs out numbered the ups, personally and politically, but I decided to switch it up and go out on an up. The downs might outnumber the ups, but the ups outweigh the downs!

In these the last days of 2009 I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the people in my life that help me be the best person I can. I'm not gonna name names (you know who you are).

I want to say Thank You to my Family, we may not be the Cleavers but we are all in it to the end.

To my oldest friends; Been a long time since high school, huh? Here's to another decade!

To my new friends in the HD; I'm looking forward to decades!

Most importantly praise God and always remember the blessings he has given us.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Climategate and O's War

About eighteen months ago I was saying in 5 years global warming or climate change whatever you call it would be no more. It seems I am right on track, give or take six months. Of course the MSM is ignoring it and hoping the sixty one megabytes of emails between top level scientist altering evidence of a decade long decline in global temperature, will just go away. A decline that the all the "settled" science did not forecast. Along with that the raw data that created the forecasting software was destroyed for unknown reasons. Odd that instead of bringing this (what should be) good news to light the media is focused on a couple who "crashed" a WH party. The couple BTW says they have emails containing their invitation. I am gonna sidetrack for a moment and explain this; the couple are starting a reality show on Bravo a subsidiary of NBC who is owned by GE. Jefferey Immelt is the head of GE and if you remember the WH guest list that was put online several weeks ago is a frequent visitor (very frequent). Mr. Immelt is partnering with the administration in the new al"greener" world the cap and trade will bring. With GE making the profit. So you can decide, did the bumbling idiots at the Secret Service expose the President of the United States to "party crashers", or is the govt. controlled media using this to hide the "Climategate" emails?

Also toping the news is Obama's plan for Afghanistan, which is at best a weak attempt to please both his base and his detractors. If Al Qaeda announced that in 18 months after training some new jihadist they were going to leave Afghanistan and go to Jordan (for example), we would be celebrating a victory. Which is probably what our enemies in Afghanistan were doing after the speech and why Sec. Gates is now saying there is no timeline on exiting the fight. Now while Obama did grant the request for more troops (good thing), but is moving them in slow and promising they will be out just in time for the 2012 election. After watching the speech I felt betrayed and couldn't imagine how the West Point'ers were feeling knowing they would soon be under Obama's command. Of course MSNBC's Matthews described them as the "Enemy Camp" which was disturbing enough. Not to mention that it was almost the same speech that Obama gave back in March when he was talking about his plans for Afghanistan, so that leaves me thinking "Why did Obama spend so much time 'Thinking' out this 'New' strategy when he already had it?" The next couple years are going to be be very long.