Thursday, December 15, 2005

Narnia & Numbskulls

I saw The Lion, The Witch and The Wordrobe lastnight, 5 stars for yet another Disney movie that really shows Disney might be remembering who their audience is. Children and Parents of Children, and most people with children are conservative (you know that because liberals are pro-abortion). So a movie with deep Christian values pulls a 67 million dollar opening.

4 stars for Stanley Williams execution, people were actually whining about him wincing in pain when they couldn't find a vein. Awww poor big bad gang banger who shotguns little girls in the FACE gawt owwies when dey stuck whim wit dat iddie biddie needle, I SO DON'T CARE. People also bitched when it took 12 minutes for him to die, but if you look at the picture of the little girl he killed she has a breathing tube in her mouth, which means she didn't die instantly! She suffered with half a face ( if you want to see, WARNING no kids or weak stomachs) for God knows how long before she died, GOOD RIDDANCE HE WAS A SCUMBAG AND HE DESERVED 100 TIMES WORSE, and if you don't agree you're just like him.

Everybody knows your fate,You’re everything I f*cking hate, And I’m everything that you could never be- GODSMACK

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Extended Absence, Movies and Executions.

I am aware that it has been forever since I posted last and just want to let people know I am not a big enough nerd to keep this up I will get to it when I can, but I don't think I am at a place in my life where blog upkeep is important. I do however encourage any loyal readers to check back at least tri-weekly I will be making attempts to post more often

A long run of movies that were not bad, Aeon Flux gets 2.5 out of five stars for a movie interesting enough to keep you in your seat, though I didn't like Charlize Theron for the role of Aeon, she was cardboard and conservative, two things Aeon wasn't. Harry Potter 4 was better than the previous 3 getting 4 stars for good action, drama and comedy. My only complaint is that it went to fast (I know the book was like 700+ pages so maybe Potter should take the lead in splitting up big books into 2 movies, or jump to 3+ hours like lord of the rings. Walk the line gets 3.5 stars for a good sit, good casting and my enjoying Cash's music helped get those stars, but maybe someone better to play Elvis (I know it was a small role but come-on).

Lat but not least, if Govenor Arnold lets this murdering, monster, scum bag, freak, Tookie live here in Cali I will start collecting Recall Signatures myself. Arnold has made me regret voting for him too many times and this will be the last draw. If a guy who mutilated children with a shotgun blast to the FACE, then went on to start one of the most notorious street gangs ever can't get executed than pass out the recall forms cause I am doing it again. I collected against Gray (biggest loser) Davis, I will definitely hit the streets for Govenor (alienate my base) Arnold.

Is Zat You Santi Clause? - Louie Armstrong

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Chicken Little

After the incredibles, I didn't think Disney had it it in them to make another good animated movie. I stand corrected. No politics, no unneeded foul language and a pretty good story. The actors did well for the voices, it was nice to hear Don Knotts' pop in as a character. Over all, I say 2 feathers up for the little chicken. I am looking forward to Harry Potter 4 where Ralph Fiennes will take the the role Voldemort, which should be sweet. Other than that I don't have any big hopes for movies. The Oscar news is already out that brokeback mountain is gonna sweep as revenge for conservative movies making it big. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE A FAGGOT COWBOY MOVIE. More attempts by liberals to undermine pillars of American society. I will definitely boycott this movie and do everything in my power to spread the word of its evils. Hollywood not gonna like it so much when America crumbles, what they don't realize is the terrorist hate them more than the red state people, due to their lack of any kind of morals. Oh well I have to go to work.

What do ya got to loose? If you like the six a clock news than you'll like
Nature trail to hell in 3D-Weird Al

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Like every movie that's adapted from a book or in this case video game, Doom was doomed by its writers changing the story around. First it wasn't genetic tampering that created the monsters they were demons. Second, there was no team, its not a multiplayer game, it was one guy alone "Sarge" and he was it. Third they portray both the military and big corporations in a bad light so you know its a typical libby propaganda pic. The original game was one man left from a team that was slaughtered by DEMONS that came through a portal on mars (I know its far fetched but it was a video game). The premise of the game is Sarge going it alone dealing with that fact that he's the only person left and he has to do something about the demons. Doom gets 1 bloody thumb up for action & graphics. One bloody thumb down for a bummer of a story, a lame plot and some poor acting on the part of the no-names.

Make me believe That this place isn't paid By the poison in me Help me decide If my fire will burn out Before you can breath- Breathe into me I stand alone Inside I stand alone - Godsmack

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

So I caught an article that said Gweneth "Manface" Paltrow doesn't want to live in America, well this is easy GET THE HELL OUT. If just half the commie whiners left when they said they would, we would be a lot better off (Alec Baldwin). I mean I don't mind decent if you disagree with something cool, but you open your piehole about not wanting to be in America I just don't get it. GO, gweneth take the millions of dollars you made HERE in AMERICA and GO. LEAVE, don't look back you might turn into a pillar of FAMILY VALUES eww. While you are at it, take your stupid boyfriend with you and rid us of coldplay. When I went to Hometown Buffet I didn't like it, so I left. I didn't sit there and piss and moan about how much it sucked while I ate, I left. Amazing idea huh? IF IT IS SO HORRIBLE HERE GO. I don't want you to be unhappy, go.

Just Leave Me Alone Girl, Leave Alone Alone Alone- Michael Jackson (Who left I might add)

Sunday, September 4, 2005

Grimm Is Good (in movies)

Last night I saw the brothers grimm, once again not great, but fun. I like how the writers worked in the grimm fairytales and others. Monica Bellucci (small role) is still one of the most beautiful women in hollywood. I am anot a big Damon or Ledger fan but there were a few funny parts, a few scary parts (definately 13+yrs), a few romantic parts (for your date) and few slow parts (for a nap). 2 and half stars out of 4 for The Brothers Grimm.
Seeing a movie was a way for me to get get away from the Katrina coverage. By the way the fault of lies soley on that EVIL B!TCH Mother Nature, I say we impeach her. I will be passing around petitions. One more thing if you are going to donate give to the Red Cross not some lame place like unicef.

The worst is over now and we can breathe again I wanna hold you high, you steal my pain away There's so much left to learn, and no one left to fight - Aron from Staind and Amy from Evanessence

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Double D (Dukes and Deuce)

Well with all the hoopla surrounding the low head counts in movie theaters, I know why, movies aren't great anymore. I enjoyed both the D's, and I am not talking about Jessica Simpson (solely). But they weren't great. Back in the day if a bunch of money was sunk into a movie that meant almost guaranteed hit, that was proved wrong over and over by Steven Speilbarf the loser. Now the LA Times has said the reason movies in America are all remakes and dumb comedy is simply Americans are to stupid to enjoy original thoughts. The movies that were original Passion and Incredibles made huge money, proof that the LA Times is full of crap and Americans will show up for Good Movies, hollywood just isn't making them. The first Batman Movie in 1987 was one of the biggest hits of all time, the new one, eh not so hot. So I say stop going to see the movies for the "stupid" and hollyweird will be forced back to the good stuff. Cause I need another Focker movie like I need a hole in my head.

I've killed a million petty souls, But I couldn't kill you - Jay Gordon of Orgy

Sunday, July 31, 2005

What Changed?

For more than twenty years we have been sending shuttles into space, what happened. Why all of a sudden can we not get off the ground without life threatening damage to the shuttle. More than that why isn't anyone else asking this question? What changed between the discovery launch in 2001 and the Columbia launch in 03. I have heard they are using a more eco friendly foam, but that doesn't answer why haven't they gone back to the old stuff. There seems to be a conspiracy of idiots inside NASA ruining our hopes for space exploration. It pisses me off to think that there is a good chance 7 people died for some eco foam and now they are to embarrassed to fix it. Space hold so many answers, things that could save lives, it is stupid to think that some thing we have done dozens of times cannot be duplicated and therefore we now have indefinately grounded our space travel. I believe the Government should be responsible for what happens with space and space travel but the more I see happen the more I think that NASA has no energy left. No one at NASA seems to have the adventurous spirit to go where no man has gone before (no pun intended). Our future is out there floating in the heavens, if we give up now we might not have much future to look forward to.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - AC/DC

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Stealth By Debbie Schlussel

If you're into Stealth bombers, cool special effects, and flying, I still don't recommend the movie, "Stealth," out Friday. Starring Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx, and Josh Lucas, I thought I would like this film. But I was wrong.
Action-packed? Yes. Patriotic? No. The soundtrack comes from anti-war, leftist proletariat band, incubus That should tell you all you need to know. But here's more:
Like most Hollywood anti-American, anti-military trash, "Stealth" has its evil commanding officer willing to kill his own men to protect himself (complete with an evil Southern accent--Southerners are always evil or stupid in the world according to Hollywood), corrupt Pentagon official, plus a Stealth plane run by a robot gone haywire.
Then there's Foxx's character, a walking, talking version of every Black stereotype imaginable. (Strangely, it didn't seem to bother the largely Black crowd with whom I saw the flick.)
I remember when defense-minded conservatives pushed against Congressional leftists to get funding to develop Stealth bombers. And I'm glad we have them, now

Hat Tip to Debbie for letting every one know what should seem obvious.
Jamie Foxx should have bought this movie before it was released and burned it.

Welcome To The Jungle, We Got Fun And Games - Guns 'N" Roses

Monday, July 25, 2005

Looking For a New Job

My job SUCKS. The store I work in is run like a circus, by monkeys. I have been chided now by two different managers that I m not cutting it in my job. Truthfully, I am not. I am so busy doing other people's jobs I don't get the time to do mine. Plus it seems like some of the people in my department do not charge the customer for my time, I do the work but don't get paid essentially. On top of it all I am expected to turn out the same amount of business as a full time employee, yet I am lucky if I get 25 hours a week to do MY JOB. I always have one or two shifts a week doing something other than what I was hired for. This also leads to my customers disliking me because I can't get their work done in a timely manner. So for a recap, my boss thinks I am slacker, my customers hate me and the store manager is putting an ad in the paper for another person to do my job, but swears he's not gonna fire me. I guess that means I will be splitting my hours with another person GREAT. So like my title says I am looking for another job. I will probably have to keep my current job too. This means I will be working two crappy part time jobs and still not be making the money I made a year ago.

You Can Check Out Any Time You Like, But You Can Never Leave - Eagles

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

We have lost a Great Patriot

I am flying my flag half mast for William Westmoreland. A true American Hero. Thanks to for the info.

William C. Westmoreland

William Childs Westmoreland was born in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, on 26 March 1914; graduated from the United States Military Academy, 1936; was commissioned a second lieutenant, June 1936, and served with the 18th Field Artillery at Fort Sill, 1936 to1939; was promoted to first lieutenant, June 1939; was a battery officer and commander and a battalion staff officer of the 8th Field Artillery at Schofield Barracks, 1939 to 1941; was promoted to temporary major (February) and lieutenant colonel (September), 1942; was operations officer of the 34th Field Artillery Battalion, 9th Infantry Division, in the United States and North Africa and a battalion commander in operations in Tunisia and Sicily, 1942 to 1944; was executive officer of the 9th Division Artillery in Western European operations, 1944; was promoted to temporary colonel, July 1944; was chief of staff of the 9th Infantry Division in the closing operations of World War II in Germany, 1944 to 1945; commanded the 60th Infantry, 1945 to 1946; was promoted to permanent captain, June 1946; was chief of staff and later commander of the 71st Infantry Division, 1946; received airborne training at the Infantry School, 1946; commanded the 504th Parachute Infantry, 82d Airborne Division, 1946 to 1947; married Katherine S. Van Deusen, 1947; was chief of staff of the 82d Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, 1947 to 1950, receiving his promotion to permanent major in July 1948; was instructor at the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, 1950 to 1951, and the Army War College, 1951 to 1952; commanded the 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team in operations in Korea, 1952 to 1953; was promoted to temporary brigadier general, November 1952, and permanent lieutenant colonel, July 1953; was deputy assistant chief of staff, for manpower control, 1953 to 1955; attended the advanced management program at Harvard Business School, 1954; was secretary of the General Staff, 1955 to 1958; was promoted to temporary major general, December 1956; was commander of the 101st Airborne Division and Fort Campbell, 1958 to 1960; was superintendent of the United States Military Academy, 1960 to 1963; was promoted to permanent ranks of colonel, June 1961, and brigadier general, February 1963, and to temporary lieutenant general, July 1963; was commander of the Strategic Army Corps and XVIII Airborne Corps, 1963 to 1964; was successively deputy commander and acting commander of United States Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, 1964; was promoted to temporary general, August 1964, and permanent major general, August 1965; was commander of United States Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, and United States Army, Vietnam, at the peak of the Vietnam War, 1964 to 1968; was chief of staff of the United States Army, 3 July 1968 to 30 June 1972; supervised the Army's disengagement from Vietnam, the transition from the draft to an all-volunteer footing, and the employment of troops in a period of active civil disturbance; centered attention upon efforts to improve service life, officer professionalism, job attractiveness, and public understanding; retired from active service, July 1972.

Day is done, gone the sun,From the lake, from the hills, from the sky;All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.
Fading light, dims the sight,And a star gems the sky, gleaming bright.From afar, drawing nigh, falls the night. Thanks and praise, for our days,'Neath the sun, 'neath the stars, neath the sky;As we go, this we know, God is nigh. Sun has set, shadows come,Time has fled, Scouts must go to their bedsAlways true to the promise that they made. While the light fades from sight,And the stars gleaming rays softly send,To thy hands we our souls, Lord, commend
. - TAPS

Friday, July 8, 2005

If the taliban aye'holes really have one of our SEALs, I have a message for him. THERE'S ONLY LIKE A HUNDRED OF THEM,

I am not the biggest fan of the EU but the Britons and Tony Blair Have Stood by US and are true friends. And when you hurt one of my friends I will be on the hunt to pay you back tenfold, with a friggin cherry on top. So all I have to say to the scum slurrping, ass monky terrorist is remember WE ARE GOING TO FIND YOU, WE ARE GOING CAPTURE YOU. YOU WILL BE GIVEN GOURMET MEALS AND LISTEN TO CHRISTINA AGUILERA. OR YOU CAN HOPE YOU CATCH ONE TO THE THROAT LIKE UDAY & QUSAY.


Tuesday, July 5, 2005

A Sick Update

I know this is canada but canada is liberal and it proves my point.
Notorious Sex Killer Karla Homolka Freed
MONTREAL — One of Canada's most notorious female criminals says she's going to live in Quebec now that she's been released from prison.
Karla Homolka (search), 35, was secretly spirited from prison Monday after serving 12 years for the rapes, torture and murders of three teenage girls, including her younger sister.
Homolka received the relatively light sentence in return for her testimony against her ex-husband Paul Bernardo (search). Homolka told the court and psychiatrists she was a battered wife who took part in the rapes and murders to protect herself and her family.
Months after prosecutors made the deal, however, Bernardo's attorneys handed over homemade videotapes by the couple that indicated Homolka was a willing participant, drawing the ire of Canadians.
"I don't want to be hunted down," Homolka told RDI, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's French-language news network, after her release. "I don't want people to think I am dangerous and I'm going to do something to their children."
Speaking in slightly accented French, Homolka said in the interview she's "unable to forgive myself."
"I think of what I've done and then often I think I don't deserve to be happy because of this," said Homolka, who appeared drawn and tired.
Homolka said she went directly from the prison to the television studio. She said she decided to give the interview after consulting with her lawyer. She plans on living in Quebec and acknowledged those in the French-speaking province know less about the horrific details of her case.
"It's certain that the mood in Quebec is not like the mood in Ontario. I have a support network here," Homolka said.
Her lawyers and father have said for months that she intended to resettle in Montreal, having learned French during her 12 years in a Quebec prison.
Michele Pilon-Santilli, a spokeswoman for the correctional service, confirmed the release of Homolka — who has changed her name to Karla Teale — but would not say where she was headed.
Homolka became the symbol of evil in Canada in 1993 when she was convicted of manslaughter for her role in the kidnappings, rapes, sexual torture and murders of Ontario teenagers Kristen French (search) and Leslie Mahaffy (search).
She was also convicted in the 1990 death of her 15-year-old sister, Tammy, who died choking on her own vomit on Christmas Eve after Homolka held a drug-soaked cloth over her mouth while both she and her husband raped her.
"What I did was terrible and I was in a situation where I was unable to see clearly, where I was unable to ask for help, where I was completely overwhelmed in my life and I regret it enormously because now I know I had the power to stop all that," Homolka said.
Homolka said she didn't leave Bernardo because she was young and afraid of being abandoned.
Tim Danson, the lawyer representing the French and Mahaffy families, told The Associated Press his clients were stunned that Homolka was free.
"They thought that they had made the necessary mental and emotional adjustments to get ready for today, but when I gave them word that she'd been released, there was just stunned, painful silence," Danson said in Toronto, the provincial capital of Ontario.
In return for her sentence, Homolka testified against Bernardo, a Toronto bookkeeper serving a life term for two counts of first-degree murder.
One of the videos released months later indicated Homolka had offered up Tammy as a Christmas gift to Bernardo in 1990; it showed Homolka performing oral sex on her unconscious sister after slipping sleeping pills in her alcohol. Tammy died choking on her own vomit.
In the following two years, the couple kidnapped and videotaped the rapes and beatings of 15-year-old Kristen, then 14-year-old Leslie.
By the time the videotapes were revealed, Homolka's plea bargain had been sealed. But Canadians were outraged that she would be released in 12 years.

I Tried, but I can't take it anymore

I wasn't going to get political on my blog but I have been watching the news and I can't take it anymore. Another kid gets molested and murdered by some sick freak who is a "registered sex offender". This means little more than we know their name after they have offended again. BLOW THEIR BRAINS OUT. In the street, for all to see, that's a deterrent, not registration. I am so sick of liberal softies talking about how much they care about people, but let these MONSTERS out of prison to KILL OUR CHILDREN, WTF. I don't get it, how do you care for the criminal more than the kids. "Oh well they deserve a fair trial and a fair prison term and to be respected members of society when they get out of jail". When you molest children all you deserve is a bullet in the friggin head. It's not too much to ask for a prison term or even a death penalty for a guy or gal that molest (then sometimes murders)kids. I know it will be hard to watch or hear about to some ACLU commie shark of a lawyer, but its what the people want. Take a poll ask one question,yes or no, DO YOU LIKE TO SEE STORIES ABOUT CHILDREN MOLESTED AND MURDERED ON THE NEWS? I promise you other then the offender you interview everyone else will say NO. Not some not 51/49%, no party line, no partisan babble just no. And if they try to answer the question with : Well, I think ... Than shoot them before they take your child in the night.

Deep Down Inside I Feel The Pain, This Terrible Silence Shocks Me - Metallica

Thursday, June 9, 2005

My Job

SUX. I don't know why I can never stay in the jobs I like. Best Buy was good, the Church was good and I was forced out of both. Now I make stupid copies for people. Idon't get my boss at all. Sometimes I think he's trying to help, others it seems like I should start looking for a new job. Ater finals this morning working is the last thing on my mind. Sleeping sounds better. But alas I get a combat nap and am on my way to work in 30 min. At least my coworkers are cool. Its not like a certain deli I worked in where all my coworkers hated my guts. Anyway I am off to put on my stupid uniform. To go do my stupid job. Hopefully I will get to relax at THE HOOT with my peeps tomorrow.

I, Wanna Rock & Roll All Night, And Party Everyday - KISS

Sunday, May 8, 2005


BIG hat tip to for this alert. I am NOT trying to rip him off I will fully admit this is his article, and thank him for it.

Piracy Protection Taken Too Far
To those of you with no interest in using your computer for anything other than word processing and spreadsheets, you can safely disregard this post. At least for now, since it doesn't seem to have spread beyond game software.
For pretty much as long as computer software has existed, companies have tried to come up with new and innovative ways of protecting their product. This is of course all well and good. They invested a lot of time and money in it, and they have every right to protect their investment from theft.
However, a new company has come along, a company that has decided to push the boundary of what a software developer can reasonably do to protect his product.
The company's name is Starforce, and they are truly the most despicable little arrogant snots that ever hacked out code. We never thought that we'd see a legitimate software protection company that would make even snot-nosed, pimple-faced pirates look angelic by comparison, but once again we underestimated them.
Why are they so particularly nasty, we hear you ask?
Well, here's what they do: In order to "protect" their product, they install a little piece of malware on your computer that messes up your registry, tampers with your drives and generally fucks up your computer's functionality. Forget about the hours you spent building and tweaking your dream system, StarForce will turn your box into a limping x486 emulator in no time.
Particularly if you have a DVD or CD RW drive. You'll immediately lose a lot of speed when legally writing to discs if you're not one of the really unlucky ones who can't write anymore at all.
But even if you're just an average user with a standard Read-Only drive, you're not safe from StarFarce tampering with your property. His Rottieness, for instance, suddenly has great trouble playing standard DVDs, not to mention the fact that the drive doesn't detect what's in there anymore, which can make it somewhat difficult to play audio CDs, as we're sure you can imagine. Standard software CDs can still be read, but you now have to manually explore the CD and start the executable by double-clicking. Not too hard, if you know what you're looking for. But if you don't... Oh well, it's All For The Children™, dontcha know?
Oh yes, they DO have an "uninstaller". Problem is, it doesn't really remove itself and all the changes it made to your system. For that, you're going to have to feel familiar with registry editing, something that we know that gives quite a few people who just want to enjoy the computer THAT THEY BOUGHT AND PAID FOR goosebumps and bad nightmares. Oh, and if you ever choose to run a StarFarce "protected" program again, it'll just re-install itself, and you can prepare to do the cleaning all over again.
Again, we fully understand and acknowledge the right of software developers to protect their product from theft, but we aren't quite on the level with them tampering with YOUR PROPERTY to do so, not to mention tampering with it in a fashion that hampers or even destroys its functionality. As far as we're concerned, that kind of invasion of privacy and property rights should be illegal if it isn't already.
So buy software with StarFarce protection on it at your own peril. Currently Ubisoft is very much in love with it, but we're sure that it'll spread to others quickly, unless the companies using them realize what they do to their sales numbers.
This has been a public service announcement.
Feel free to pass the word to others or link to/post about it. (That is, if you give a flying flip at a rollin' donut, of course, but we have a suspicion that quite a few of you LCs are like His Majesty, wanting to use that expensive piece of equipment sitting on your desk for fun occasionally).

Again Thanx to for the story

Blame It On The Rain - Milli Vanilli

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Bob Saget

What happened to Bob? He was one of the dirtiest funniest comedians on the planet when all of a sudden the biggest crap to hit the TV, Full House pops into our boob tubes and forever doomed the once hilarious Bob Saget... Or so we thought. The New York Observer has a great article on Saget. CAUTION, NOT FOR CHILDREN OR THE UPTIGHT! (if you fit into one or both of those categories you will want to click away now.)

Penn Gillette on Saget; "One of the most important things about The Aristocrats is, when Saget is getting so filthy-dirty, he has no worry,” he said. “We live in a country where we do have freedom of speech. This movie is just a pure dream of Thomas Jefferson, in that it’s a hundred people saying anything that pops into their head, with no fear whatsoever. You know a lot of the Hollywood people—and this pissed me off so much—would say, ‘Oh, your movie’s fine in the blue states, but what about in the red states, where you get to the stupid people?’ And I would say, ‘Oh, by ‘stupid people’ you mean people who can program a machine, fix cars and perform surgeries? As opposed to we who are in Hollywood, who can’t do f+cking anything?"

You can read the full article here

It's Off To The Principal's Office I Go - Young MC

Sunday, May 1, 2005

The Guide

I saw Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy yesterday, it was good. BUT, you have to read the book or it will be to much information and you won't understand. The effects are out of this world (pun intended) and the characters were close to the book. The screenplay was adapted almost as bad as, Jurassic Park. The end is no so hot if you are a guide fan. One and a half out of three thumbs up for HGTTG.

Slam In The Back Of My Dragula - Rob Zombie

Saturday, April 9, 2005


So I have had an account with yahoo mail for 13 years or better. Two days ago they killed it. No reason, just gone. I lost my whole address book which was pretty good sized thanx to 13 years of collecting. The best part is that I only know a quarter of the people on my list other than their e-mail. So if I stop talking to you I am sorry, BLAME YAHOO for being bastards. For all you that do know me I have a new e-mail address, give me a call I will give it to you. I of couse after the fact will be backing up my addresses from now on I suggest you do to.

He gave a quarter and his order; small fries BIG MAC - Run DMC

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

3 Of Them

I recently saw Eurotrip. It was funny, I will admit that but it was also lame. The jokes are all the same stuff rehashed, not since Me, Myself and Irene have I seen a movie that made me laugh so hard I almost puked. Comedies are getting very repetitive. Be Cool was funny but not gut busting funny. Comedy needs a new great hit to jump-start its ailing genre. Action on the other hand looks good, Drama OK, Kung Fu no prob but horror is horrible. The Ring, The Grudge, the crappiest movies, I slept through both. Need a kick-start there too.

We're All Stars Now, In The Dope Show - Marilyn Manson

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Guess Who liked that movie?

When I walked into the theater to see Guess Who I was worried that it would suck, I was wrong. I found it hilarious, the back and forth between Kutcher and Mac was great. Almost like the old days; Moving with Pryor and Carvey or even 48 Hours Murphey and that old guy. The story was 95% complete, there was one part where I was confused but I laughed through it and the movie ended well. Make sure you stick around to watch after the end, there is a little extra good stuff. Anyway I give Guess Who 2 thumbs up.

We have to learn how to love and forget how to hate. - OZZY

Monday, March 28, 2005


So I am s.o.l. on a place to stay by my school. I will now be commuting a hour and a half four days a week. That f'n sucks. I have tired staying with friends but I have come to find out who is, and will let you sleep on their couch, and who isn't, maybe talk to the landlady and not just toss me on my but. It's great when people are your friends and who are not till you need help, than its screw you. Oh to be pampered like my sisters friend with mommy giving me cars and paying my fancy Arcasia rent. Now I will be in school 15 hours a week, driving 15 hours a week and working 30 hours a week. Not bad a 60 hour week and thats not aloting time for homework. Which I have a crapload of. Anyway I hope your Easter was better than mine.
Y'all Wanna Single; I Say F@ck that. - KORN
Edited 6-9-05 to clear up any confusion. Sorry.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Un-Fairly Odd Kids Show

So I was watching Fairly Odd Parents with my sister and I see a cartoon George Bush doing something stupid. On the same show the next day the arch villian is a Schwarzenegger type character complete with accent. I am not big on censoring but I don't want my future kids or neices and nephews being brainwashed watching nickelodeon. It's not cool.

Du Hast - Rammstein

Friday, March 25, 2005

My Space

So, I just joined that my space thing. I didn't know how big this thing was. It seems like everyone I know is on. And now I am to (I guess that means I'm cool).

Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

Monday, March 21, 2005

Wow I hate school

Had a test today. I did pretty good but I don't know how I am gonna do 2 more years of this.
My friend's band Pushstart Wagon is playing tomorrow night at the Saddle Ranch on Universal City Walk 11pm Come See. I think I will kill the day at Universal Studios.

All The Riches Baby, Don't Mean Anything - Gwen Stefani

Saturday, March 19, 2005


I don't know how often I will post but it's here. Check it out in a week and see what pops up