Monday, September 29, 2008

TV Sucks

In my house a nice chunk of change is spent on cable TV, along with the locals that I have to pay for because I live in the middle of no-where. Now that the fall season is in full swing I feel safe in saying TV SUCKS. With the exception of the Simpsons not one show has really made me feel like it's worth the good size chunk of cash that goes into it. Here's what I tried watching so far;

The Mentalist- Yawn
House- Losing it's edge
King of the Hill- Writing has gone way downhill
Dexter- Slow start
Entourage- Losing me fast
Criminal Minds- Boring
CSI: NY- ZZZzzzz...
Chuck- Barely holding on
Bones- Off my TIVO
Terminator: SCC- One step from delete button
Supernatural- I watch to kill time
Family Guy- Crap
Big Bang Theory- Just funny enough to keep watching
How I met your Mother- Lucky it's on after Big Bang Theory
Knight Rider- WTH? F-150 mode?
Eureka- Just Ok
Sanctuary- Blows
Californication- Insulting to all
True Blood- Horrible
Penn & Teller BS- 50/50

I have a few more shows to try out many of these you can watch on HULU (click the title). I will update this post when I get through the rest.

I added a few more and I will keep adding as I see them.

Asking Why...Part 1

Do you ever wonder why certain things happen or are pushed on you with no explanation? There are a few things that I always think about, and this whole bailout thing is another on the list. Over the next few weeks I am going to pose some questions that have been bugging me for a while now. Now, I am not going to list any of my answers, I want you to want an answer for yourself:

1. Why did we have almost 20 years of successful space shuttle launches and never once had a problem with the insulation coming off the booster damaging the shuttle? Out of the blue we lose a shuttle to a problem we've never heard of and now we watch on pins and needles hoping it doesn't happen again. What changed and why can't we go back to whatever worked?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The NEW Untouchables

So I've been following the news only by the Internet for some time now, TV news was just such garbage I couldn't stand it. If you visit roughly the same sites I do this financial "crisis" is not a huge surprise. Bush has been getting worse and worse over the last couple years, I think he's checked out mentally. He just gave up and sits in the chair just to keep it warm for the next ass. The stock market has been soaring for so long this was inevitable. The top dogs in the financial companies have been lining their pockets and parachutes, with gold! And the one guy who stood up to them was bumped out of office for something I'd bet a third of congress is doing. I was never a fan of Elliot Spitzer as a governor but he was calling these white collar crooks on their dirty deals and paid for it. If you know me, you know I am not a super conspiracy kinda guy but in Spitzer's case I'm calling shenanigans.Here's an article by Spitzer from the WaPo
He was hot on wall streets tail when out of the blue someone popped up with his banking info, HMMM...
Spitzer pushed too many buttons and "they" wanted him gone and did what they had to do, to make that happen.

Now word is spreading on putting someone like Warren Buffet on a team of rich guys who will help fix our problems. Excuse ME? Warren Buffet has made it very clear he wants America to fail, and has put significant amounts of money towards just that. You want a team of guys to help fix wall st. start with Spitzer. The New Untouchables if I may... Elliot "Ness" Spitzer leading a team of crack wall st. hunters with tommy guns. YES TOMMY GUNS! These wall st. nuts have put America on the verge of failure, I call that treason. No "bailouts". I know we are gonna have to pay for this one way or another but socializing America is NOT the answer! There are better ways to spend a $1,000,000,000,00.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Never Mentioned

I realized I never mentioned anything about me on this blog. So I figured I'd give you the rundown of my school and work life.

I am a Graphic Design Major and have been for more years than I care to mention. I am dedicated though to finish school ASAP. I will probably double major in computer science so I can try to make up for lost time. The graphic arts stuff started in high screwl. Pasadena High to be exact though I was in the Graphic Arts Academy, which was supposed to be a way for advanced students to expand their learning. It turned out to be where idiots could get enough experience to pick up the trade right out of high school. But I followed up at Pasadena City College continuing the GA push. I messed around and took longer than I should have and when I started looking into transfer I had missed my window and the individual classed would no longer cross over. So I started an i.g.e.t.s.i. program to get a AA for transfer. Which I am currently 2 classes away from. Both math (my worst subject) and giving me a really hard time. But I am determined to get it done!

Simultaneously I was attending church at Bethany Church in Sierra Madre CA. I had gotten involved with student leadership and was thrilled when my Mother told me her church Agape Christian (formerly Greek Evangelical Church of LA, I don't know why she was going there) needed help in their youth group. I spent the next three years there as a youth leader. After high school I stuck around Agape but was not happy with the new youth director so I followed my old youth leader to First Presbyterian Church of Monrovia. I volunteered there for 7 years and worked in cooperation with First Pres Oxnard before I felt the call to run my own group. I was youth director at Trinity Lutheran Church in San Pedro within 3 months of leaving First Pres. Though my time there was short (10 months) I made some great friends and grew exponentially in my Faith. After bouncing around for a while I took a small job with New Hope Family Church in Adelanto. It was a six month handshake deal but it gave me a chance to work on my calling.

So there's a condensed version of my last 15 years, I dunno if any of you actually care but too bad I already posted it :p

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I know I didn't post on 9-11, mostly because I get too angry on that day. It just burns me up that there is still a pit in the middle of New York City. I don't understand why we don't just rebuild the Twin Towers. After hurricane katrina we rebuilt New Orleans, a whole city! I also get angry that our Military is being bound by lawyers and politicians so they can't do a proper job in Iraq or Afghanistan. I mean for God's sake we've fought longer and harder wars with a positive outcome, this should be a cakewalk.

I carry a picture of the WTC I took in my Bible with a verse on the back Romans 12:19 (no I am not gonna say it, go dust off your Word and look it up). This keeps me cool and calm whenever I think about 9-11. But I remember, I remember the death and destruction. I remember the people jumping out of the windows to their demise. I remember seeing the muslims dancing in the street celebrating their great victory. And I remember for a fleeting moment we were united as Americans. Than people started forgetting, they fell back into the normal routine of living, pretending it was 9-10. But closing your eyes and humming isn't going to make throat slashing islamist go away. We need to remember and keep hold of those memories till the job is done. It's them or us, so decide now. Do we die into the dark and let them rule the world with a bloody rusty knife or do we kill them and continue to be a beacon of light to the word. There is no other option. CHOOSE!