Sunday, January 25, 2009

Untitled blog from the Expert

So on my quest to shy away from politics, I find myself doing a lot of nothing. I never realized how much time I spent reading articles, books and blogging. I'm still keeping track of whats going on but just enough to not get to stressed out. If I were to blog every time the great and powerful O or one of his disciples did something that bugged me I wouldn't have time to breath. So being that I am sticking to this less drama approach you'll have to go somewhere else to get your politics.

I did catch a flick this past weekend, Defiance. It was a period piece set in nazi occupied Russia, with the nazi's doing their thing against the Russian Jews. Overall it was a good movie, but don't forget the subject, at times it can be hard to watch. Daniel Craig and Liev Schriber shared the title roles and did an amazing job.

Thing's are well on the home front, I refuse to give in to the drama bug biting at me. Had a not so hot night out last Friday, don't ask... And I am still battling an array of illness like I've never had before. I can't figure out why I am having this many medical issues but I am determined to get through them. That and I am putting it in my Prayer request both at Church and in my small group. So unless God is trying to teach me a lesson I'm just not understanding it'll all clear up soon.

Oh and I'm throwing a superbowl party this weekend, the first in a while. Usually this was a Church thing but I guess they don't want to risk the stupid copyright violation by showing the game at the church. Of course that last time I did a superbowl event at a church was the time janet jackson decided to pull her nipple stunt. Safe to say if I had made it to another superbowl at that church there would have been no party.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Internet Withdrawals and Other Goings On

So due to an unpaid bill (yeah I'm a slacker) my cable and internet was shut off for a few days. It's a weird thing when you have no TV and no internet, you find yourself doing things you never thought you'd do. I rearranged my closet, dresser and even a briefcase I store paperwork in. I stood in the doorway a couple times just looking at the computer (yeah that's pretty sad). As you can tell the bill is paid and I am back in action but it was a long few days.

We're getting in on inauguration day and I am hanging on to hope that the Obamessiah will stun the world and preside over us in an intelligent and upright manner. But his stimulus idea is bad all around. It wasn't that long ago he was criticizing the Bush administration for for his stimulus plan that the great O himself was on on board for. Complaining about being a trillion dollars in the hole, than adding another trillion to the problem seems like a bad idea. Not to mention his disciples are saying his emissary Hillary Clinton is going to achieve peace in the middle east in the first week of his time in office. FAT CHANCE, not that I don't want peace but O's hand waving over the problem is not gonna make 3000 years of hate go away.

All else is great in my little patch of desert. I'm rolling on a drama free, less stress path. I'm giving my burdens up to JC and I am doing my part by trying to be the man I've been called to be. It's not always easy, or stress free by far, but it would be much worse if I fought God and tried to forge my own path.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Quakes and things

After a very long week last week things have finally settled back to normal. My leg is still jacked, but I think it's getting better. I have a lingering cough that is still annoying but everything else has fallen back to the norm. All the holiday stress is gone, Bible study started up and regular everyday stress is back. Church Sunday was the first clue things were back. Tuesday night felt like old times and though there have been some obstacles I am feeling groovy.

If I may dip into politics for a moment; I am displeased with Obama's silence on the latest Israel vs. Islamoterrorist conflict. He has been spouting something fierce about the economy and how he plans to spend us out of this "recession" but when it comes to Israel being assaulted (again) by mooselimb thugs he says we already have a president and it's not his place to give an opinion. I call shenanigans. I have always said Obama is going to leave Israel in the cold and this is not helping his case.

Ok, I did mention quakes in the title, we had another one tonight. 4.9 centered about 25 miles away. This is the second evening quake we've had in as many months, not that I'm surprised I do live in California but that's a pretty short interval even by Cali standards. The good news is all the small quakes suck energy away from bigger ones on bigger faults like the San Andreas which runs right by here but has been fairly quiet (knock on wood).

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Late into new year's eve through the next day I was feeling good about 2009 as a whole. But I must have jinxed myself. I partied a little too hard I guess and weakened my immune system so I got a fever which lasted 2 days. As soon as that passed it seems I popped a varicose vein in my leg and now I am sitting with my leg elevated while my friends go out to enjoy another evening. I am so pissed. I have not been healthy since I moved into my new place and it's really starting to bring me down. For a person of my stature I have always been pretty healthy. But these last weeks are trying my patience. I'm just so pissed and depressed!!!!! I wanna break something.......

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 and beyond

I am not sure how 2009 is gonna be politically, financially or even socially. One thing I am sure of is God has a plan for me and I intend to follow it to the T. I have found that trying to forge my own path is impossible and I end up in the same boat year after year. But I have a good feeling about 2009. I am giving this year totally to God. I'll go where he tells me and I am sure it will be amazing. He finished 2008 by giving me a new home and new friends. I don't want to sound gushy as the boys I take care of like to say, but things are just great right now, and while Kim gets some of the credit the majority (I don't think she'll mind) goes to God. I started 2008 with the plan to get back to basics. Going to church was the first step. Early in the year Calvary Chapel was where I thought I'd land but my Mom (as usual) pointed me to HDC (high desert church) where I would find what I was looking for. 6 months later I have become a member and couldn't think of another place I'd rather be. The same can be said for my new home (and yes it's home). I knew right away that this was the right move but the enemy can plant seeds of doubt in you. You question things that you shouldn't and say things you don't mean. Right now my job (my life really) revolves around Kim and her 3 boys R,N, and B (names withheld for safety). God has strategically placed me with this family for a reason, and while I don't exactly know why or to what extent. I have found with God's (and Kim's) help (in the mess of boys and their toys!) a peace in my heart that could only come from a pleased God. And I thank him daily for it and the opportunity to make a difference. I don't know what my future holds for me, but as for right now God has blessed me and I'm gonna bask in His amazing grace.