Sunday, June 24, 2007

Movies: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I have seen a lot of movies in my life, but lately things have been well, lousy.

Let's go back a few weeks to the well anticipated "Spiderman 3". This would fall under the BAD category. I saw it twice to make sure. Dancing emo spiderboy ruined it FOREVER. Even the great special fx couldn't save this movie from the horrible acting of Toby M. and Kirsten D. I wanted to like it, I am a nerd after all and comic books are a staple of nerddom.

Pirates 3, doesn't bode much better. It was more fun than "S3" but in the long run it "P3" sits well flat of the first. Poor acting isn't the problem here. It's poor plot, story and directing. With the open ending and talk of "P4" haven't we beat this dead horse enough.

"Knocked Up" was almost a knock out. It's great for a couple of adults who want to see a funny movie. I laughed a lot watching this one. But the overkill of grossout humor and stupid jr. high mentality kind of jokes go a little to far leaving you wanting a little more from less.

"Hostel 2" was just crap. Even if you like horror movies this movie was UGLY. Long drawn out story for mediocre violence, arrghh it just frustrates me how bad it was. Crap crap crap that's it I'm moving on... man it sucked!

I mentioned a Good movie and will make due by giving you "Evan Almighty". In some ways Evan is better than Bruce, though it really cannot be compared with Bruce because it's not so much a sequel but a spin-off. Evan is masterfully played by Steve Carrell, who I think has a bright future in hollywood. The cast is well chosen and fits perfectly in their respective places. It's a movie I'd bring the family to (if I wanted or had one) but maybe 10 and up age wise. 4 out of 5 stars for Evan. Go see it, see it again, then let me know what you think.