Thursday, June 9, 2005

My Job

SUX. I don't know why I can never stay in the jobs I like. Best Buy was good, the Church was good and I was forced out of both. Now I make stupid copies for people. Idon't get my boss at all. Sometimes I think he's trying to help, others it seems like I should start looking for a new job. Ater finals this morning working is the last thing on my mind. Sleeping sounds better. But alas I get a combat nap and am on my way to work in 30 min. At least my coworkers are cool. Its not like a certain deli I worked in where all my coworkers hated my guts. Anyway I am off to put on my stupid uniform. To go do my stupid job. Hopefully I will get to relax at THE HOOT with my peeps tomorrow.

I, Wanna Rock & Roll All Night, And Party Everyday - KISS