Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Daily X-tra

I know since the Amazon thing went down I haven't been blogging. Some of it was Amazon and some of it was a weird burnout. In order to get back into posting, I've decided to do a daily mini post just to keep me posting.

Today's X-tra shines some light on some California craziness; So you are headed out for the evening and you call the neighbor girl to come over and watch little Johnny for a few hours. She's 18 fresh out of high school and happy to sit on your couch, eat your ice cream and watch your kid 3 hours for $20. But a new bill in Calif. Assembly bill 889 (sponsored solely by democrats) is getting fast tracked and will mean for every 2 hours of babysitting the neighbor girl (we'll call her Mandy) needs a 15 min break and minimum wage. Oh and if you are late be prepared to shell out overtime and pray Mandy doesn't get hurt tripping on little Johnny's skateboard, that's workers comp. God forbid Mandy sneaks Bobby over and gets knocked up, then there's maternity leave. Yeah I'd rather take little Johnny with me. Read details at