Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Munich... Again!

There's no doubt about it, what happened in Geneva is in fact, a rerun of the biggest foreign policy faux pas of the 20th century. Should we really be surprised, it come form the most incompetent administration ever?

The Munich deal rested on the hilarious notion that Hitler would be happy with just the Rein-lands. This new deal builds on the equally hilarious idea that Iran will stop building nuclear weapons in order to ease the crippling sanctions on its people, like Iran ever cared about it's people? If you think Iran folded because the sanctions were working, I have a bridge to sell you in San Francisco, Tehran knew that Obama was weak and it would get the West off it's back by throwing him a bone. In this case, a really small bone with the full intention of us choking on it. We are left with only three options, regime change, a full bombing campaign that could lead to war or continuing to placate and being ok with Iran being a nuclear armed power in the world.

Liberals would tell you the sanctions are the only way to make Iran fall in line, because we all know how reasonable Iranians can be. Just ask the homosexuals... Wait Ahmadinejad said they didn't have any, or was it they were all hung? Waiting for the Mullahs to come to their senses and realize that partnering with America and the West will benefit them, will take a very, very long time. They would have to love their own people more than hate Jews and America.

The delusional administration would have you believe that this "freeze" is the needed first step in dismantling Iran's nuclear program, but freezes thaw and nothing in this joke of a deal stops Iran from firing back up and going right back to work. Also nothing in the deal addresses how Iran is weaponizing, their missile program is still going full speed ahead. For all that we gave them back the thing they needed the most, access to their bank account. Sounds like Netanyahu was right, "This is a very bad deal". We were told there were smart people making a smart deal. Sorry if I don't have faith in the genius of John "Flip-flop" "Threw my medals" "Incredibly small effort" Kerry. And don't give me this "the British like the deal" nonsense, hellooo... Chamberlain. Obama loves the deal, but hasn't Iraq, Egypt, Libya and Syria been enough proof that he may not be the most shrewd operator? The Russians like the deal... enough said.

The hard truth about this "freeze" is: A diplomatic deal that is not grounded in shared beliefs or a common moral sense of justice will absolutely fail. Iran doesn't want the same things we want, they don't share our values or our respect for life. These talks with Iran are fare too similar to the most spectacular failure in diplomatic history to leave any room for success.