Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why save them?

The main stream media (MSM) or dinosaur media as I've come to call it consist of TV, magazines and newspapers. All out of touch with the people and or democrat lapdogs. Even foxnews who is called the right wing news station seemed to back Hillary Clinton during the primaries.

Anyway the newspapers who have been loosing reader and subscribers for years are getting to the point where they are gonna start going under... out of business. But just like the govt. is bailing out insurance companies, banks and the auto giants, newspapers want a bailout. The problem with that is the reason the newspapers are failing is no one is reading them. A bail out won't change that. Talk about throwing money in the garbage. If newspapers stopped printing mindless dribble and leftist talking points maybe people would read them again. I had the paper delivered to my house for years but more and more I was frustrated by what I read. With that came the cancellation. Now I know with Obama nationalizing everything else (slowly buy surely) it seems like the next logical step, but the newspapers are already his spin doctors what more could he want from them.

The Internet has proven itself to be a far superior way to follow the news. If the papers wanted to survive they would change their ways to do so. It is time to let them fail. Goodbye New Yuck Times, Los Aimless Times and San Fransicko Chronicle. Your services are no longer required!