Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Deathly Hallows

So I finished the latest and hopefully last Harry Potter book yesterday, it was pretty good. Like the the previous one I am not sure how the would make it into a movie, but after seeing Order of the Phoenix I hope they don't go chop crazy.

Let me tell you at the end Harry finds out his father is Darth Vader! No spoilers here, being I am a big reading advocate I say go read the book. It took me 9 hours over 3 days. It looks huge (760+- pages) but the action keeps the flow pretty quick. Plus once your into the story you don't want to put the book down (though it can get heavy after a couple of hours, its like a brick). It is a classic good verses evil story where the hero struggles with his purpose. I know the hardcore Bible thumpers are whiny about the whole witchcraft thing but it's a fictional book! Much like T.V. and movies if you can't teach your kid about fantasy vs. reality maybe you should give the thing child to your parents and tell them to try again!

I think she ended it well, but I would have liked the epilogue to be a little different. I know she wanted to wrap up but so many characters were left out I thought a few more key details would have been nice. What happens with who and so on.
The book does contain a lot of death and blood spilling, so I would say pg-13 is right on for future readers.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

It's not to late

We can fill the gap! Go to he link and sign the petition. We can rebuild them!