Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last Post of 2009

I was going to get into some long rant about the last year and how the downs out numbered the ups, personally and politically, but I decided to switch it up and go out on an up. The downs might outnumber the ups, but the ups outweigh the downs!

In these the last days of 2009 I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the people in my life that help me be the best person I can. I'm not gonna name names (you know who you are).

I want to say Thank You to my Family, we may not be the Cleavers but we are all in it to the end.

To my oldest friends; Been a long time since high school, huh? Here's to another decade!

To my new friends in the HD; I'm looking forward to decades!

Most importantly praise God and always remember the blessings he has given us.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Climategate and O's War

About eighteen months ago I was saying in 5 years global warming or climate change whatever you call it would be no more. It seems I am right on track, give or take six months. Of course the MSM is ignoring it and hoping the sixty one megabytes of emails between top level scientist altering evidence of a decade long decline in global temperature, will just go away. A decline that the all the "settled" science did not forecast. Along with that the raw data that created the forecasting software was destroyed for unknown reasons. Odd that instead of bringing this (what should be) good news to light the media is focused on a couple who "crashed" a WH party. The couple BTW says they have emails containing their invitation. I am gonna sidetrack for a moment and explain this; the couple are starting a reality show on Bravo a subsidiary of NBC who is owned by GE. Jefferey Immelt is the head of GE and if you remember the WH guest list that was put online several weeks ago is a frequent visitor (very frequent). Mr. Immelt is partnering with the administration in the new al"greener" world the cap and trade will bring. With GE making the profit. So you can decide, did the bumbling idiots at the Secret Service expose the President of the United States to "party crashers", or is the govt. controlled media using this to hide the "Climategate" emails?

Also toping the news is Obama's plan for Afghanistan, which is at best a weak attempt to please both his base and his detractors. If Al Qaeda announced that in 18 months after training some new jihadist they were going to leave Afghanistan and go to Jordan (for example), we would be celebrating a victory. Which is probably what our enemies in Afghanistan were doing after the speech and why Sec. Gates is now saying there is no timeline on exiting the fight. Now while Obama did grant the request for more troops (good thing), but is moving them in slow and promising they will be out just in time for the 2012 election. After watching the speech I felt betrayed and couldn't imagine how the West Point'ers were feeling knowing they would soon be under Obama's command. Of course MSNBC's Matthews described them as the "Enemy Camp" which was disturbing enough. Not to mention that it was almost the same speech that Obama gave back in March when he was talking about his plans for Afghanistan, so that leaves me thinking "Why did Obama spend so much time 'Thinking' out this 'New' strategy when he already had it?" The next couple years are going to be be very long.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What have we learned?

In the twenty years since the fall of the Berlin Wall it seems the main thing we have learned is how to revise history. I watched whole segments on CNN and read about NBC not making any mention of Ronald Reagan. Instead Angela Merkel is thanking and crowds chanting Gorbi, Gorbi. And where was Obama during this grand celebration? Good question, probably hiding from Reagan's shadow. In the last 19 years the US President has always been at these events. But Comrade Obama hides at home like the little girl he is. He sent Hillary, ironic huh? Not even the O loving dino media was happy about this. What have we learned?

The attack in Ft. Hood Tx. was the worst terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11, a muslim soldier dressed in traditional robes gave away his valuables, spent some time in a strip club and then slaughtered a dozen innocents. Wounding dozens more in the process, all while chanting Allahu Akbar (glory to god). But this should not have been a surprise, this man was under FBI surveillance for six months prior to this attack and no one did anything about it. After learning about the atrocity, Obama kept his scheduled speech and after a shout out to Chief Running Spring Obama told us not to jump to conclusions on why this nut bar did what he did. We were warned against seeking revenge on muslim citizens and all the usual dribble. Response from media and military is to bury the story call it a freak event and move on. I thought when Obama became President the world was supposed to love us? How's that hope and change working out for you? What have we learned?

If those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, we are in a lot of trouble. History is stained with blood and violence. If we don't look back at what happened and start fixing things we will see history come around and bite us in the ass. Between Russia and China falling to communism you can tick off over 100,000,000 lives! Ignoring the evil of the nazis led to another 20,000,000 lives lost. Yet the U.S. itself is on the slippery slope to communism and we are ignoring the evils or radical islam. So I ask you; WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hello America!

I just can't believe how fast we are slipping into outright communism. Obama is not so slowly nationalizing banking, automobile production, student loans and health care. He says judge him by the people he surrounds himself with and files in Van Jones, Anita Dunn, Cas Susstein, Buffy Wicke and ACORN. All of whom identify themself as either socialist or looking to Mao for political guidance.

In California the "Republican" governor recently signed a bill that would require a thumb print and photo ID to purchase ammunition, which I am sure the rest of the Country will follow soon, by making it harder for LEGAL gun owners to buy ammo they are one step closer to the nazi style gun bans and registration hitler had laid out to keep his people under his thumb. It doesn't matter which of the Bill of Rights goes down first be it the second amendment or the fourth once one goes the rest will fall like dominoes.

In the soviet union the state controled the newspaper and it only printed the news the state wanted put out there ignoring the real stories. Here in the USA this is being reborn by the mainstream media (MSM) which is completely devoted to Comrade Obama and badmouthing FOXNEWS the only media outlet that dares to say anything dissenting. Which I might add was encouraged by Nancy Pelosi during the Bush years, but now people who dissent are called a mob, nazis and unpatriotic. How are we supposed to trust the MSM when it's broadcaster get a "thrill up their leg" when Obama talks?

Taxes are sky high and rising with no end in sight. Taxes are being levied on things like juice, soda, sweets, cigarettes, and vegetables. Even with the biggest tax increase in American history the deficit is climbing to uncharted territory. Trillions of dollars of debt being left our children and grandchildren. While social security continues to die it's slow death and the cost of government run health care not even added in yet!

 Roman political philosopher Cicero spoke on the enemy within and how they attack the pillars of society. Have you noticed the pillars of our society being attacked? Police Officers who are doing their jobs attacked by the President himself on television. The Church being attacked on all sides from prayer, Bibles, the Ten Commandments and the name of GOD being removed from our pledge, money and buildings. This Country was built on Judeo-Christian foundation. Wise men who built this house upon a rock. Who over the last 233 years gave Glory and Prayers to God openly during speeches and were not ashamed. But in the last year we opened a WWII memorial with NO mention of God at all! How does this happen? All the great Presidents of the past Washington, Lincoln, FDR and Kennedy spoke of God and how they Prayed daily (there were many more, but these are the one even democrats call great).

 The people are already standing up, the 9/12 march in DC was most likely the largest in American history. Tea Parties are back and I say Samuel Addams would be proud to see what we are doing. I have been to several tea parties myself and intend on going to more. I will blog and make calls, vote when the time comes for real change. Because I have hope in America not the President. There is already a Savior in my life and his name is Jesus Christ not Barack Obama.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Post Coming

I am working on a big one, but it's a jumbled mess right now and I need to do more editing. I promise it will be posted soon.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Memorial

John Henwood, 35, New York, N.Y.He was in the World Trade Center that fateful morning 8 years ago. You can leave a message for his family there. John is just one of 2,996 people that died that day. is the website, so you too can be part.

Monday, July 20, 2009

HP6 Fun Movie or Evil Movie

I saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince last week. I have been a Potter fan for many years now, read all the books and enjoy the movies. Potter much like Jurassic Park is a much better book but the movies are fun. Now to the titular question. Is Harry evil exposing kids to witchcraft or what?

I'm going with or what. It's no secret I am a Christian and have been involved with Churches working with youth for half my life. So with that knowledge I think I am in a good place to say Harry Potter is not going to drive kids to witchcraft. I see Harry Potter and I see a story of the importance of friendship and family. The struggle between good and evil and the internal fight we all have inside us to choose the good. If you look closely you even see how govt intrusion hurts society and the importance of freedom.

The witchcraft in the movie is no different than the wizardry used by Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings or C.S. Lewis in The Chronicles of Narnia. Now I understand that J.K. Rowlings in no C.S. Lewis but that doesn't change the fact that Harry is wholesome story that will at the most have a small child waving a stick like a wand saying Aloha Mora (a spell to open a locked door {I think}).

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Megan Fox; Shut Up and Act!

This is couple weeks old but it deserves some screen time. I was hooked till this leftist dirt bag opened her trap. Where classic Hollywood mostly held their activism to advocating for their causes, too many of today’s classless breed defines their activism through the hurling of rhetoric at the other side – at 50% of the customers. They do it up on the screen and they do it while hiding behind a Hollywood media-machine owned and operated by nut roots who mostly agree. I can live with passion, humor, disagreement and debate, that’s what Big Hollywood is all about, but ad homonym that dehumanizes is the tactic of a new generation eager to fit in with the A-list.

Today we have “Transformers” star Megan Fox, joining a growing club — spouting this hateful nonsense:
“Transformers” bombshell-cum-uninhibited philosophizer also contemplates — reluctantly — what she would say to Megatron to keep him from destroying the world. “I’d barter with him,” she muses to the July, issue Total Film UK, “and say instead of the entire planet, can you just take out all of the white trash, hillbilly, anti-gay, super bible-beating people in Middle America?” (H/T- Big Hollywood click the heading)
Um, those so-called white trash, hillbilly, anti-gay, super bible-beating people in Middle America are the ones who dole out $12 to see your films, you bimbo.
Well, they used to, anyway.

Any consequence is predictable. Worse case, if it looks like her display of ignorance might become a distraction in the coming “Transformers” hype-machine, Fox will apologize/explain on some venue like the “Tonight Show.” But the bottom line is that there will be no consequence within a community that finds that kind of talk about “those kinds of people” all okey-dokey.
Will someone please tell Megan that pretty people should be seen and not heard? Besides, if she “thinks” too often, she may suffer an aneurysm where her brain should be. Of course this wouldn't be the first time I've been disappointed an a hot starlet... Jessica Alba!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Quick Point

"Nazi ideology sought to subjugate, humiliate, and exterminate. It perpetrated murder on a massive scale, fueled by a hatred of those who were deemed different and therefore inferior. It was evil." -TOTUS (Obama's D-Day speech)

But doesn't this also fit? "Radical Islamic ideology seeks to subjugate, humiliate, and exterminate. It perpetrates murder on a massive scale, fueled by a hatred of those who were deemed different and therefore inferior. It is evil."

I just had to point out while wildly different there is a parallel between then and now. But, somehow the POTUS can't see it.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Stop the Apology Tour!

If you go down the list of countries that hated us during the Bush years compared to the countries that hate us now you would find NO CHANGE. Obama's "We Suck" tour is not helping in any way, shape, or form. I have his top 10 mistakes linked to the title, from the trip to Cairo. He bows to foreign kings and makes us look weak all over the world. I get so frustrated watching the news wondering how he can top himself today? I saw a old speech given by Ronald Reagan today and it reminded me why I am a Conservative. From the time I was 6 or 7 years old President Reagan amazed me with his words and ideas. We are a shining city on a hill, for the world to look up to. We brought down the Soviet Union without firing a shot. President Reagan gave us real hope, real change. He never apologised for America and never stooped to the level of some sweaty mid-east king. Reagan built us up, while Obama tears us down. Reagan lowered taxes and spawned economic growth never seen before, bringing us out of Carter's nightmare. Obama is raising taxes like never seen before, telling us hard days are still to come and we need to tighten our belts while he goes on half million dollar dates with his wife on our dime. Creating a new nightmare that will dwarf Carter's. Reagan once said; "Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves." Obama's government grows at a rate we can't imagine and everyday he steals away a little more of out freedom. So go back read some of Reagan's speeches than think of how backwards Obama is doing things. Remember this Reagan line?; "Man is not free unless government is limited."

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why save them?

The main stream media (MSM) or dinosaur media as I've come to call it consist of TV, magazines and newspapers. All out of touch with the people and or democrat lapdogs. Even foxnews who is called the right wing news station seemed to back Hillary Clinton during the primaries.

Anyway the newspapers who have been loosing reader and subscribers for years are getting to the point where they are gonna start going under... out of business. But just like the govt. is bailing out insurance companies, banks and the auto giants, newspapers want a bailout. The problem with that is the reason the newspapers are failing is no one is reading them. A bail out won't change that. Talk about throwing money in the garbage. If newspapers stopped printing mindless dribble and leftist talking points maybe people would read them again. I had the paper delivered to my house for years but more and more I was frustrated by what I read. With that came the cancellation. Now I know with Obama nationalizing everything else (slowly buy surely) it seems like the next logical step, but the newspapers are already his spin doctors what more could he want from them.

The Internet has proven itself to be a far superior way to follow the news. If the papers wanted to survive they would change their ways to do so. It is time to let them fail. Goodbye New Yuck Times, Los Aimless Times and San Fransicko Chronicle. Your services are no longer required!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

To Blog, or not to blog... that is the question?

With the coming amnesty Obama will grant up to 30,000,000 illegal aliens citizenship and permanently sway the vote to the democrats. After that Obama's socialist dream will become a reality. The question is: Do I continue to blog about how Obama is stepping on the Constitution and killing the American dream? OR: Do I start changing my tune to an Obama supporter so when he starts putting "right wing extremist" in "labor camps" I can be a guard and not a prisoner? Now I know you're gonna say "Stand up for your beliefs" and "That won't happen". But that's been said before and I lost many family members on my mothers side in the Holocaust. This is all for naught in the long run because I just won't give up that easy.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Saga Continues

I've been giving you all a running list of my health problems and it hasn't subsided yet. I came off of my chest cold right into a head cold. It's got my ears clogged and my throat a mess so the cough is still with me. On top of that I've been poisoned to the tune of pink eye. That was something I was over being the ripe or past ripe age of thirty, the last time I had it was 2003 after being doused at Universal Studios Jurassic Park ride. At least than I had a cool excuse. So it's March so I am going through my 4th month of being sick. Safe to say I am sick of being sick. While it's not getting me down like it was before I still really really want to be over this.

Of course if there's one thing uglier than my health it's the stock market. Down 3000 points since November we are at levels not seen in a dozen years. Now I won't say that this is all Obama's fault but he is not giving us much hope between the stimulus and the largest budget in American history.

Last thing I wanted to comment on is the remaking of almost every movie made in the last 50 years. Classic or not. Poltergeist, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure , The NeverEnding Story, Child's Play, The 39 Steps, Adventures in Babysitting, Footloose, The Evil Dead, Pet Cemetery, Oh, God!, Predator, Porky's, RoboCop, Spies Like Us, Sharky's Machine, Smokey and the Bandit, Vanishing Point, The Stepfather, Romancing the Stone, Weird Science and Total Recall. Some of these I've never heard of much less want to see remade.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


If you go back to the first posts on this blog, you see that it didn't start as a political blog. It was watching a cartoon geared towards young children slam a sitting president. Now after again trying to avoid getting political on my blog it is a cartoon that brings it back. The messiah was featured in a 2 minute animated segment on nickelodeon talking about what a cool guy he is and what he has on his ipod. Now as a whole I have no issue with teaching children about the President, but it was the same station all those years ago who made blatant negative cartoons about President Bush. Why must liberals indoctrinate children like this? Fair and balanced would be OK, but none at all would be best. I remember when cartoons were a rabbit eating a carrot or an old navy guy eating his spinach. Or when a kind old man named Fred taught children all sorts of useful things without ever even mentioning he was a pastor who gave sermons every Sunday. Mark my words this Obsession with Obama will turn out bad in the long run. They are putting too much faith in man. Only one man has ever had the strength to support the weight of mankind and I am sorry Chris Matthews it's not President Obama. No Keith Obermann the President can't lift his arms and raise our Nation. I still have hope that President Obama will change things for the better it gets thinner and thinner every day. More and more I am hoping there will be a USA left when he is through.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh yeah

I saw "Taken" last week, and it was awesome. There's nothing like an ex-govt spook who's daughter gets kidnapped and goes on a killing spree to find her. It takes a few to get going, but once it starts, it keeps the afterburner on for the rest of the flick. If you like action with explosions and good clean fun torturing, this is a winner. Guys don't be afraid to bring the ladies, while it's 100% a guy flick the story of the father out to save his daughter will keep the girls interested. Oh and it's a heavy pg-13, so I would call 13 the absolute youngest to see this. I give it 4 out of 5 smoking barrels.

I also watched "Don't Mess with the Zohan" again, if you can overlook the disgusting sexual references and images (large bare women). The movie itself is pretty funny. It's cheesy cornball like Naked Gun or Police Academy, don't expect wit or wisdom. Keep an eye on all the palestinians in the movie 90% of them are Jews, including the impossibly hot Emmanuelle Chriqui and the hilarious Rob Schneider. For me Zohan gets 3 out of 5 stars of David.

BTW folks if you look back in this here blog you'll find other movie reviews, if you don't see one for a movie you are interested in let me know ( and I will post a review quick and dandy. IF by some crazy reason it's a flick I've never seen, I'll watch it and get back to you. That's just another service I offer you free for reading my totally useless blog.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Botched again

As usual my attempts to squish drama has led to more drama. So let it be known you can't tuck it away and hope it disappears. It overloads and explodes. So I am going with a new approach; by the issue. Address each thing individually while it's small and don't let it build up.

I am way more involved in my job than others. For one I live at my job, which makes getting away difficult. Second, I am invested personally. While other want to see their employer thrive so they can get a raise, I want to see the boys I take care of thrive so they can be strong positive members of society, unlike their paternal DNA donor who is a wife beating aye-hole. Lastly like others I am reliant on job. If the rent doesn't get paid I will be homeless as well as out of a job.

What all this means is I have to handle myself better. I have to deal with my issues constructively and do it all under the watchful eyes of small children who soak up everything the see hear and experience. And while my boss/roomate/close friend can be frustrating at times, those moments are way outnumbered by the good times we have, and as long as I keep edging foward I can take the boys and her with me

I am doing everything I can to live my life better. I am really trying to keep my prayers going, reading my Bible, trying to be a good example and supportive to my friends and family. But sometimes I feel fate is working against me. That's probably the enemy doing his thing and I need to fix that.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Untitled blog from the Expert

So on my quest to shy away from politics, I find myself doing a lot of nothing. I never realized how much time I spent reading articles, books and blogging. I'm still keeping track of whats going on but just enough to not get to stressed out. If I were to blog every time the great and powerful O or one of his disciples did something that bugged me I wouldn't have time to breath. So being that I am sticking to this less drama approach you'll have to go somewhere else to get your politics.

I did catch a flick this past weekend, Defiance. It was a period piece set in nazi occupied Russia, with the nazi's doing their thing against the Russian Jews. Overall it was a good movie, but don't forget the subject, at times it can be hard to watch. Daniel Craig and Liev Schriber shared the title roles and did an amazing job.

Thing's are well on the home front, I refuse to give in to the drama bug biting at me. Had a not so hot night out last Friday, don't ask... And I am still battling an array of illness like I've never had before. I can't figure out why I am having this many medical issues but I am determined to get through them. That and I am putting it in my Prayer request both at Church and in my small group. So unless God is trying to teach me a lesson I'm just not understanding it'll all clear up soon.

Oh and I'm throwing a superbowl party this weekend, the first in a while. Usually this was a Church thing but I guess they don't want to risk the stupid copyright violation by showing the game at the church. Of course that last time I did a superbowl event at a church was the time janet jackson decided to pull her nipple stunt. Safe to say if I had made it to another superbowl at that church there would have been no party.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Internet Withdrawals and Other Goings On

So due to an unpaid bill (yeah I'm a slacker) my cable and internet was shut off for a few days. It's a weird thing when you have no TV and no internet, you find yourself doing things you never thought you'd do. I rearranged my closet, dresser and even a briefcase I store paperwork in. I stood in the doorway a couple times just looking at the computer (yeah that's pretty sad). As you can tell the bill is paid and I am back in action but it was a long few days.

We're getting in on inauguration day and I am hanging on to hope that the Obamessiah will stun the world and preside over us in an intelligent and upright manner. But his stimulus idea is bad all around. It wasn't that long ago he was criticizing the Bush administration for for his stimulus plan that the great O himself was on on board for. Complaining about being a trillion dollars in the hole, than adding another trillion to the problem seems like a bad idea. Not to mention his disciples are saying his emissary Hillary Clinton is going to achieve peace in the middle east in the first week of his time in office. FAT CHANCE, not that I don't want peace but O's hand waving over the problem is not gonna make 3000 years of hate go away.

All else is great in my little patch of desert. I'm rolling on a drama free, less stress path. I'm giving my burdens up to JC and I am doing my part by trying to be the man I've been called to be. It's not always easy, or stress free by far, but it would be much worse if I fought God and tried to forge my own path.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Quakes and things

After a very long week last week things have finally settled back to normal. My leg is still jacked, but I think it's getting better. I have a lingering cough that is still annoying but everything else has fallen back to the norm. All the holiday stress is gone, Bible study started up and regular everyday stress is back. Church Sunday was the first clue things were back. Tuesday night felt like old times and though there have been some obstacles I am feeling groovy.

If I may dip into politics for a moment; I am displeased with Obama's silence on the latest Israel vs. Islamoterrorist conflict. He has been spouting something fierce about the economy and how he plans to spend us out of this "recession" but when it comes to Israel being assaulted (again) by mooselimb thugs he says we already have a president and it's not his place to give an opinion. I call shenanigans. I have always said Obama is going to leave Israel in the cold and this is not helping his case.

Ok, I did mention quakes in the title, we had another one tonight. 4.9 centered about 25 miles away. This is the second evening quake we've had in as many months, not that I'm surprised I do live in California but that's a pretty short interval even by Cali standards. The good news is all the small quakes suck energy away from bigger ones on bigger faults like the San Andreas which runs right by here but has been fairly quiet (knock on wood).

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Late into new year's eve through the next day I was feeling good about 2009 as a whole. But I must have jinxed myself. I partied a little too hard I guess and weakened my immune system so I got a fever which lasted 2 days. As soon as that passed it seems I popped a varicose vein in my leg and now I am sitting with my leg elevated while my friends go out to enjoy another evening. I am so pissed. I have not been healthy since I moved into my new place and it's really starting to bring me down. For a person of my stature I have always been pretty healthy. But these last weeks are trying my patience. I'm just so pissed and depressed!!!!! I wanna break something.......

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 and beyond

I am not sure how 2009 is gonna be politically, financially or even socially. One thing I am sure of is God has a plan for me and I intend to follow it to the T. I have found that trying to forge my own path is impossible and I end up in the same boat year after year. But I have a good feeling about 2009. I am giving this year totally to God. I'll go where he tells me and I am sure it will be amazing. He finished 2008 by giving me a new home and new friends. I don't want to sound gushy as the boys I take care of like to say, but things are just great right now, and while Kim gets some of the credit the majority (I don't think she'll mind) goes to God. I started 2008 with the plan to get back to basics. Going to church was the first step. Early in the year Calvary Chapel was where I thought I'd land but my Mom (as usual) pointed me to HDC (high desert church) where I would find what I was looking for. 6 months later I have become a member and couldn't think of another place I'd rather be. The same can be said for my new home (and yes it's home). I knew right away that this was the right move but the enemy can plant seeds of doubt in you. You question things that you shouldn't and say things you don't mean. Right now my job (my life really) revolves around Kim and her 3 boys R,N, and B (names withheld for safety). God has strategically placed me with this family for a reason, and while I don't exactly know why or to what extent. I have found with God's (and Kim's) help (in the mess of boys and their toys!) a peace in my heart that could only come from a pleased God. And I thank him daily for it and the opportunity to make a difference. I don't know what my future holds for me, but as for right now God has blessed me and I'm gonna bask in His amazing grace.