Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just Saying

  • You'd think with this being such an important election the republicans would have put up better than Giant Douche (Romney) and Crap Sandwich (Gingrich).
  • The White House said that the Ft. Hood massacre was just "Workplace Violence", who are they kidding?
  • Mika Brzezinski told Boone Pickens that the $650,000,000 he paid in taxes over the last 13 years isn't enough. "Fair Share" is everything you have and more.
  • In his speech a couple days ago Obama pretty much said the United States has never functioned properly, since it birth. Thanks Comrade Obama.
  • Speaking of Obama, after a ripping by conservatives, the President decided to postpone his 17 Hawaiian Christmas vacation until Congress decides what to do on the payroll tax holiday. But don't fret FLOTUS is still taking the girls on the 757. 
  • Michelle Malkin came up with a great new hash tag for twitter #Evict_____ insert name of worthless government official here. I.e #EvictHolder.
  • Michael Savage is offering Newt a million dollars to drop out of the race, and I'm starting to think Newt should take the money.
  • Newt did say that the palestinians are an invented people, and I say it's about damn time someone spoke the truth on national TV. 
  • While we are on the subject, there are still several rockets a day coming out of Gaza and striking Southern Israel. Yeah that hasn't stopped in months.
  • I know there is a lot of controversy around the Muppet Movie, but I've seen it and it's good clean Muppet fun. 
  • Of course Sesame Street is a complete loss, their latest character is a "poor, hungry" muppet who talks about how the government can help feed her.
  • The same government that hid information about the Chevy Volt's catching on fire because they own Chevy and didn't want to hurt sales.