Sunday, March 21, 2010


Ok I know I haven't posted in a while, I'm currently in Jerusalem on a study trip. In my quest to get closer to God I thought this place would be a good stepping stone. I have been learning and seeing the sites, which are to numerous to name, using my time here to hep figure out some direction in this crazy mixed up world.

My internet access is hard to come by, usually I am standing outside using the signal of a nice guy who doesn't mind people killing his bandwidth. So following the news is kinda tough but from what I've seen it's business as usual for the Obama Admin. I can tell you the people here are NOT fans. Biden was here last week and it led to the Arab's rioting and many police and soldiers wounded. From what I can tell Obama is having enough trouble at home to keep him busy without nosing into Israel's sovereign business.

I have also found Israel like most other places base a lot of their cooking on tomatoes. Which would be great if I wasn't allergic! Last week the school I am at served 6 tomato based dishes in 4 days, and the cheapest replacement is pizza, more jokes on me. But I'll survive even though peanut butter is $8 for a regular sized jar. No TV or radio here makes Jason something... something... At least I can go outside and get an internet signal a couple blocks from my dorm. I had found a closer spot but it was secluded and things got dicey when 3 arabs came and started hassling me. No more close internet.

My scheduled return date is June sixth, so I will try to post here when I can. Though I post daily updates on Facebook and quicker ones on Twitter.