Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To Palin or not to Palin?

There has certainly been a lot of emotion surrounding Sarah Palin in the last 18 months or so, some good, most coming from the MSM just downright mean. When the state controlled media goes to such huge measure to discredit someone you know they are deathly afraid. The Left is doing everything in their power to make sure Sarah Palin is not an option for 2012. The question I present to conservatives is should she be an option?

I have no doubt Sarah is a smart woman, but can she be President? Sure she was a governor, and Alaska is a big state but it's not a very populous state. Now I know you can say the same about Mitt Romney, but his executive experience doesn't stop with being governor. He has big business under his belt, she was a local mayor. Call me sexist but another issue that has to be considered is her children. It's more than just small children but one who is mentally disabled. Having Trig is a very big burden on her, her time will always be split between the country and her children. Sure many Presidents have had children in the White House but it is different with a woman and that one of the children has special needs. Folksy nature isn't a plus either. Jimmy Carter had a folksy nature... Enough said.  Don't misread me, I am not saying a woman can't be President, while I wouldn't have liked her any more than Obama, Hillary Clinton would have been a better choice for the Democrats. She would have been stronger than Obama. Sarah Palin just doesn't have what it takes to be President of the United States. I don't have a magic answer to who should run, but if we want to recapture the Executive Office then we have to find a person who is more than just charismatic and folksy.