Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Patriot's Day 2013

It's really hard to think about how much time has passed and how little has been done at Ground Zero. The first towers took 7 years to build, and somehow twelve years later the new ONE (stupid freedom tower) is not done yet. I look back at the footage from that day and am incensed by how much we (as a Country) have forgotten. Last year I mentioned  which is keeping a running count of all deaths, over twenty one thousand, related to islamic terror since 9/11/01.

Now with all the turmoil in Egypt, Libya and Syria, more than ever we need a reminder about who the enemy are. Let me be clear islamic terrorist come in all shapes and sizes, whether it be a single nut like the Ft. Hood massacre, a coordinated group like the 9/11 hijackers, a "political group like the muslame brotherhoods or the religious extremist that make up the entire govt of Iran, we have much to fear.

Syria for example is a civil war between different parties of the same nuts. Syrian president Basher Assad is an islamic nut who has been slaughtering his own people by the thousands, but the "rebels" who are trying to topple his govt are also islamic nuts who have relationships with al qieda and the mulame brotherhoods. Both sides curse America and Israel on a regular basis and we cannot support any of them. This civil war will have to play out and then we will have to deal with the victors.

I leave you with footage from 9/11/01, as a reminder that we have an enemy that hates us and until we are all dead or enslaved, will continue to fight us by any means. We have to keep fighting back, they will not be placated with gifts like the north korean yahoos, they have to stood up to and fought at all cost, AT ALL COST, I cant make that part clear enough.