Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just Saying

  • Since Obama is pretending to be president shouldn't he wear a Reagan mask or something?
  • If I let four Americans die in a far away land, I wouldn't want to talk about it either.
  • We knew this hurricane was coming for days and FEMA still didn't seem ready, is this proof Obama doesn't care about white people?
  • There's nothing like using children to get your point across, no I'm not talking about the creepy Obama kids singing about death. This is a lesson on redistribution Steven Crowder style!
  • Wanna see something scary? Look at this!
  • Obama has openly said he will let the Bush tax rates expire and let the sequestration happen, last time a Dem drove a speeding car over an edge like this Ted Kennedy was driving... SPLASH! (too soon?)
  • So Disney bought Lucasfilms for $4billion, and already the talk of new Star Wars movies. It will be interesting to see Darth Vader on ABC's "Once Upon a Time".
  • Just imagine if Obama happens (by some crazy chance) to win re-election the whole country will be a liberal utopia like Chicago.
  • With Disney buying up Lucasfilm and already having Pixar and Marvel, they are quickly headed down the path of Umbrella Corp.
  • OK this wasn't my strongest Just Saying post, but it takes a lot out of a guy to bash Obama day and night.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

He Had One Job


So the primary job of the POTUS is to protect it's citizens. He is not our boss, he works for us. Obama had one job to do and failed. Protecting the lives of Americans is first and foremost, time and time again Obama has proved he is not capable of doing his job. Be it in Libya or right here in the CONUS (continental United States). 

Lets start right here at home. After the Obama admin took over in 2009, new AG Eric Holder revived a failed gunwalking program from the Bush admin. Operation Fast and Furious was "supposed" to help track guns going from the US to Mexico. Though the Obama admin had none of the tracking tools used by previous admin and the operation quickly turned into thousands of US guns disappearing into Mexico and subsequently used to kill HUNDREDS of Mexican Citizens. On December 14, 2010 US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed on US soil by what was found out to be one of the guns lost by FF. The Obama admin brushed the whole story away, the MSM ignored the story as much as possible and ridiculed anyone who brought it up. TO THIS DAY, AG Eric Holder has NOT answered for the death of Agent Terry and the Obama admin pretends not to even know Terry's name. This failure of the administration to protect American life should have been the last, but no.

On 9/11/2012 in Benghazi Libya an attack by an Al Qaeda associated group on a US Consulate with NO formal security took the lives of four Americans. US Ambassador Chris Stevens, Embassy worker Sean Smith, CIA operatives and former Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. This well planned and coordinated attack took place over seven hours. Mr.Smith was the first to die, then Ambassador Stevens was sexually assaulted and asphyxiated to death. While that was taking place CIA assets Doherty and Woods were a few blocks away, seeing the smoke coming form the burning consulate they radioed for authority to engage the terrorist, rescue the consulate workers and asked for back up. THREE times they were told to "Stand Down" and do nothing. When they couldn't take doing nothing any longer both men engaged the mob and killed 60 terrorist before losing their lives heroically. Woods died while "painting" a group of terrorist firing a mortar as a target with a laser meant to give air support a target to shoot at. But nothing happened, within minutes the terrorist spotted Woods and turned the mortar on his position and killed him. The Obama admin first lied and said the mob was a "spontaneous" outbreak of violence due to a "video" on youtube insulting the prophet (child rapist and all around scumbag) muhammad. This LIE went on for almost 3 weeks before it became very clear what had happened and very slowly the admin started changing it's story. TO THIS DAY the Obama admin has not answered why Woods and Doherty's request were denied and why during the seven hours of hell on 9/11/12 in Benghazi that was streaming LIVE into the White House NO EFFORT was made to save the 4 men who died that day. A seasoned veteran Woods would have only "painted" a target with a laser if he knew there was an aircraft nearby to lay down fire. Those men were left behind to be slaughtered like pigs. WE DON'T DO THAT! At least we didn't before Obama.

This creepy Obama flag kind of looks like the bloody handprint  left  behind in  Libya.

Barack Obama has demonstrated time after time that he does not care about what happens in this country. Be it by running up the National Debt over $16,000,000,000,000, residing over 2 downgrade of our national credit rating, sitting by while 23million Americans sit unemployed or worst of all ignoring the deaths of Americans serving their Country. We cannot afford four more years of this insanity. IT HAS TO STOP! DO YOUR PART ON NOV. 6. VOTE FOR REAL CHANGE! VOTE ROMNEY/RYAN '12!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Crumbling Obama

After watching the three presidential debates I have figured out why Obama's campaign is failing. Obama's persona is a big issue, along with the people he's surrounded himself with. Then there is also the media's complicity in the whole thing, which despite being in the tank for Obama I think turned out to be his worst enemy. The last four years have been very telling, having a record to run on (or run from) is a definite factor as well.

In 2008 Obama was a virtual unknown in the world of politics. A jr senator from Illinois he came out of nowhere and exploded on the scene with a cult of personality that just overpowered the well known Hillary Clinton in the primary and made John McCain the stereotypical picture of the Republican party, stuffy, old, white, male. Obama saw this explosion and took advantage of being an unknown, He could be whatever people wanted him to be. He was young, mixed race, had a strong voice and a name that rebellious young liberals knew would piss off their fathers. We had people saying Obama was going to pay off their homes, cars, college loans, Obama himself said that he would end racial tensions in America and would make us loved all over the world on day one. No one cared he had never held a real job, no one read the books on who his father was and where he came from. People were caught up in the cult and never stopped to ask if Obama was qualified to be President of the United States. You couldn't oppose him, if anyone asked questions you were shouted down as a racist and dismissed. When he hid his college records or distanced himself from the church he sat in for 20 years it made no difference. Nothing could penetrate the cult. But this developed into a weakness no one would see for four years. Obama like the late Michael Jackson had surrounded himself by yes-men, every word he said, no matter how absurd, was praised. When he put on a funny southern accent it was charming, when he made fun of how old McCain was, he was witty.  I'm sure someone even snatched a tissue he sneezed in as a keepsake.

Obama's halo was part of the media's cult image.

Hillary got different treatment.

The mainstream media was complicit in the cult of Obama. They ran with Obama's "Hope and Change" slogan. They swooned, they tingled, they fainted, they slobbered all over themselves to make Obama the sure thing. They even went so far as to bash Clinton, who early on was their golden girl. Remember the halo pictures? The MSM did everything they could to make him untouchable, again using the race card to push down detractors. Obama was their messiah and just like the public, did no vetting of who Obama was. This inflated Obama's ego. Nothing he did caused any strife and he loved every second. But this may be part of his downfall. Now when the media questions him he looks shocked. He seems insulted that anyone would dare question his previously unchallenged intelligence. It's just like raising kids. You can't let them win all the time, you can't tell them they're smart when they answer 2+2 wrong. If you do the child acts petulant and spoiled. Just like Obama at the debates. By never challenging him they turned him into what we see today. The problem is you can't fool all the people all the time.

After four years of Obama's policies the Country is in the slowest recovery in American history, if you believe the recession ended in June 2009 like the administration told us. Obama promised so much in 2008 it should be no surprise that he couldn't get much of it done. But what he didn't do is the least of our problems.  We have big problems and as much as Obama wants you to believe it's Bush's fault, the blame lies squarely on Obama's shoulders. The most stand out of Obama's responsibilities is the national debt. In 2008 when Obama took office the ND was $10 trillion, but a mere 4 years later is $16 trillion. Ignoring Obama's promise to halve the debt by the end of his first term, he has run wild with spending. He once said that the $4 trillion Bush added to the debt in 8 years was unpatriotic. Now he tells us that we have to spend our way out of debt, which if anyone else tried would end up on the street if not jail. Obama took Bush's bail-outs to the next level, not just banks, he bailed out the auto industry, he bailed out "green" energy companies, states, and even some companies that aren't even in America. There's Obamacare, a bill no one wanted but congress pushed through. Then there is the jobs, Obama told us that without his bail-outs the unemployment would shoot up to 8%, he told us by now we'd be somewhere around 5%. Problem is the bail-out was a complete failure, unemployment shot up over 10% and now heavily adjusted we sit at 7.8%. There are over 22.6 million unemployed today, but the number the admin uses is 11 million. They don't count people who have been unemployed so long they have given up looking all together. Obama  has started a line of quantitative easing that led to 2 downgrades of our national credit rating. While these QE's have been holding up the stock market, its a bubble that will burst when the money stops flowing from the government. Economic growth has been stagnant and this is making us look weak across the globe. Iran's dictator has questioned how much longer we can be a superpower with the debt we have. But that is the tip of the iceberg in his foreign policy failures. He let Egypt and Libya fall under the rule of radical islamist, he looked the other way during the iranian green revolution. He sits by while Syria slaughters its own and puts "daylight between the US and Israel". He betrayed our allies Great Britain  Japan, and Poland while bowing to dictators and communist and telling Russian President Medvedev to transmit to Putin that he will be more flexible after the election.

We cannot afford 4 more years of Barack Obama, not in our economy, and not in our national security. We should have been told who he was before he took the most powerful position on the Earth. We needed the MSM to do its job not foist on us an unqualified jr Senator. But now we know, we know who he is, we know what his plans are and we know what he cares about, HIMSELF. We have the ability to stop this train wreck halfway through, we can save ourselves from the rest of Obama's policies and ideas. Ultimately it will be easy, just vote. Vote for Mitt Romey, vote for real change. Change we can believe in.