Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Where Do We Go From Here?

Being conservative in LA is like wearing a meat jacket in a shark tank. One must be very careful what you say outloud if you don't want to judged, chastised or straight assaulted. Not that I couldn't handle it, after all they're just hippies. I was at a Shabbos dinner the other night which featured a guest speaker Malcolm Hoenlein who is the executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations talking about how we needed to stop sitting on the sidelines and get in the game. The game he spoke of was sitting on our hands while Iran gets closer and closer to a nuclear weapon. Of course this involved speaking harshly of Obama, muslims and liberalism, which on;y went over so so with the crowd. The speaker did try to tip toe around direct accusations and blaming but we all knew what he was saying.

Diplomatic negotiations with Iran will fail. George Bush tried this with N. Korea, he said America (& the UN) wouldn't tolerate a nuclear NK and sent all sorts of "firm letters". Sanctions will fail. They were useless as well, Kim Jong-Il just starved the people in order to pay for his weapons program. All the hemming and hawing got us was a nuclear armed N. Korea. Sound familiar? This is the same exact situation with a much more threatening bad guy. Ahmadinejad is no pudgy dictator with a love of classic American movies. He HATES us, he HATES Israel and he speaks often of wiping us both out. Joking aside, this is no time for more diplomatic negotiations.

This leaves us with very few options; 1) We can shake our fist with empty threats until Tel Aviv (or New York or Los Angeles) is wiped off the map, then be forced to respond with massive action. 2) We can stop trying to tie Israel's hands, they have done a fine job of keeping both Iraq and Syria out of the nuclear world. Not to mention they are our ONLY real ally in the Middle East and deserve our support. 3) We can take care of it ourselves, I know it's not PC and the liberals will piss and moan, but what are they really gonna do? They're just hippies.

I asked Mr.Hoenlin about characters like George Soros, and he told me we have to call people like him out on their undermining of progress. Warren Buffet, Jeff Immelt and Richard Trumka all need to be brought into the light so their deeds can be seen by all and put to the American people to decide whether we follow them deeper into hell or start climbing out.