Friday, May 12, 2006

Grandma's Boy & an Invisible Man

I saw "Grandma's Boy" today, let me first say this was one of the most degenerate movies I have ever seen. Second, I laughed a little, despite the "need a shower" feeling that came with it. Third, it was funnier than most of Adam Sandler's movies, which isn't saying much; I know. 2 stars out of 5 for Gma's Boy due to one funny Chimp they call "Monkey" and a funny supernerd, nothing more. Sandler should retire before the public figures out he SUCKS.

When Bill Jones ran against Diane Finestein in '04, he received 34% of the vote, she got 42%, and Jones didn't campaign AT ALL. The question is why? I hate Barbarian Boxer more than Feinstein, so why haven't the Republican'ts put up a nominee? A 10% switch would give us the seat. There is a guy named Mountjoy running against Boxer, but life Jones he is not campaigning at all. I am sure that if the conservatives in Cali saw someone they could stand behind, that person would be elected. Our pull was shown when we dumped Gray Davis, it could happen again. I believe the Republican Party has turned its back on the people in Cali and the Country. I know the first thought is to jump ship, vote in a Dem and show them we aren't happy but I am afraid that can't happen, seeing the utter failure of New Orleans tells me that Dems can't be trusted for a second. So we are stuck voting in a lame republican; see GW Bush... My Idea is flood as many Conservatives in as we can good, bad and ugly. When the Party sees that is in a (extended) winning position maybe they will find the Conservative Values they lost and we can be proud of the title Republican again. Without that I fear our Country's future is limited to 50 years tops, though more like 25 if the Dems take over. I'D BE WORRIED IF I WERE YOU!

And it all crashes down when you break your crown And you point your finger But there's no one around, Just want one thing, Just to play the king, But the castle crumbled And you've left with just a name Where's your crown? ***KING NOTHING***- Metallica