Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Conversation About Guns

Couple days ago I had a long conversation on Facebook with a good friend who I respect, and appreciate her opinions. We had a disagreement about Guns and I thought it was interesting enough to put into a blog post. Names have been altered but the rest is verbatim. I am Jason S, and DL is my friend, with a few more people in between. Feel free to ad any comments below.

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I'm completely fine with banning assault weapons. Why would anyone need a Semi-Automatic weapon for anything but carnage.
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Why.....maybe some people are arming themselves in anticipation of societal collapse. Just a thought.
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Jason S
You're missing the point of the 2nd amendment, it's not just so we can hunt or shoot cans. It's to ensure freedom of the state from all oppressors, including (and I am NOT implying this) the federal govt. We are always supposed to have the ability to install a new govt in a time of crisis (again not implying), taking away "assault" weapons makes us a big step weaker. They won't stop there, as soon as assault weapons are gone they will come for something else
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Jason S
Next step is Hitler disarming the masses. Now I know that is a stretch, but the Jews in Germany thought the same thing in the 30s
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I hear you DK, But the day that our country turns into Syria, I'm packing up and leaving. Our family has left country after country over the generations and its the reason why we are alive today. My machine gun is not going to be able to take on the entire country. This scenario is a hypothetical in any event. But what is real is our innocent citizens dying because too many power hungry psyco's are killing us without our ability to stop them, because the unnecessary speed of the weapons are the enemy. We should always sleep with one eye open, be aware of whats going on wherever you live, and leave if you must. I don't want to die a hero fighting a battle that I can not win. I'd rather live somewhere else. In the meantime we owe our loyalty to the country that we live in and the safety of its citizens from the thugs who are removing babies from their mommies and daddies arms.
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Point taken DL. I guess I'll be here until the end. I happen to think this country is worth fighting for.
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I respect that DK. Truly I do. You would be a guy I trust armaments with. But for every one of you who is normal and a good citizen, there are 100's of thugs who are destroying our ability to live safely.
The men who fought back in Warsaw and the Partisans will remain the greatest Hero's of our time.
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Jason S
Just remember those "Thugs" are already breaking the law, so therefore banning guns just takes them out of the hands of us the law abiding. I know it sounds counter productive, but more guns (for the law abiding) is the answer.
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Jason S, The problem is that this weaponry is being sold as we speak to the crazies who don't display any criminal record until their first crime, which we sadly get to hear about all over the news once the tragedy has already taken place. Tighter controls are necessary. In this case the shooter's mother had purchased the three guns legally, but really was the semi-automatic that she had purchased going to be used by her to be prepared for a government uprising? I can't imagine that she was planning to be a commando or a resistance fighter. The guns are just to easily available and the immediate torture that it causes our society on a daily basis is too much for any society. We have some real triage to do in the present which IS effecting our lives in real time. The argument for a Hypothetical "resistance fight" is destroying our actual ability to live in the present.
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Jason S
From what I read she was an active shooter and enthusiast. She purchased the guns after her husband left her with kids in a big home. She went to ranges and practiced safe shooting. Now if you want to question her child raising fine, but her son killed her and stole her car and guns. He did NOT use the "automatic" weapon in the shooting, so with 2 handguns he did all that damage, so are we talking banning handguns now? Stricter screening and some kind of mental testing is something I am willing to hear more on, but as the sad incident in China proved if you want to cause mass carnage you will find a way. Restricting my ability to buy because someone might steal from me is not the answer.
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Jason S, Whatever the reason, Her being a gun enthusiast or otherwise. Her right to enjoy her guns robbed the families of 26 victims from ever seeing their loved ones again. Her passion and desire to enjoy her guns seem selfish in light of the damage her hobby and recreation caused.
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Jason S
I disagree, her son robbed those families. You are shifting blame, he was an adult who, evil or crazy (both?), made a decision. He alone is responsible. Would you want the mother charged with a crime if she was alive?
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Jason S, He would not have been successful at this carnage if her hobby was miniature golfing.
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Jason S
Again I disagree, he tried to buy a gun and was denied, if he was willing to kill his own mother, he would have found another way to acquire a weapon. Then you would be blaming his friend or neighbor.
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Also, there was definitely a large measure of irresponsibility on the part of his mother.
Every parent has a good feeling about their children. We know when our kids are struggling with keeping up in a math class, let alone other more severe issues. Somehow these guns were not secured properly enough from a child at risk. I can't hold her without blame.
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And yes Jason, anyone a neighbor or otherwise that is not securing their weapons in a secure place is also not a person who should have arms.
These are not toys. They are guns, and our standard has to be higher.
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In every case of security. Nothing will ever be completely fool proof, but all experts advise to harden the target to protect yourself from attack, as attackers will generally not attack your target of you have made it more difficult. Same is true with guns, the harder it would have been for him to access guns, the less likely this would happen. What ever argument you make, these guns were all to easily available to him as demonstrated by the tragic result.
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Jason S
You're assuming, that the guns were splayed out on a table, neighbor as well, if the guns were locked up all he needed was to steal keys. I agree that the upbringing needs to be looked at, though there have been plenty of people who showed no signs that did crazy things.
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Believe me, my keys would never be found.
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Jason S
You keep getting farther and farther from reality, sure we could have bio-lock safes that hold guns and another combination lock box that hold the bullets, and we could bury them in the ground and build a house on top of them, but yeah.
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And that's the kind of ownership requirements one should have before trusting anyone with a weapon that kills.
Prove you are responsible and normal before someone sells you a gun that is easier to get than a refill on your prescription.
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It's not further away. A combination lock would be fine. It's what most people use on their bicycles. Should they not use it for weapons that can cause murder?
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In any case, I'm definetly ok with my original statement. Semi-Automatic assault weapons are simply not necessary. The rest becomes theoretical.
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Jason S
 All this is predicated on law abiding people. Criminals do not apply, safety measure are absolutely necessary, but it goes back to restrictions, more laws do not make us safer.
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Less guns available EVERYWHERE leaves less guns to be acquired legally or illegally in situations like these.
Again, Semi Automatics just have no place or any acceptable rationale when they are used as they have been.
We have not had to fight the government (British) for more than 200 years. We do
Have to fight the thugs and irresponsible gun owners that have caused our murder on a daily basis.
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Jason S
Now you are talking worldwide gun control?!? You get right on that, start with the mid-east, I'll be gun shopping.
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No Jason, just here and what get smuggled over our borders.
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Since you don't live in another country, it would seem best to be worried about where you live.
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Certainly places like Israel have good reasons to arm their citizens.
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 And if you lived there we would be talking about a whole other unique set of necessities.
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Jason S
I think we have a good reason to arm our citizens, the porous borders are a good reason for that.
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Jason S
 Not to mention the cities (in the US) with the most strict gun control are the cities with the worst crime.
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Jason S
We're back to the reason for the 2nd Amendment, to do the job the Federal Govt won't/can't do.
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I don't know Jason, when was the last time that you felt that you needed to defend yourself with an Ak-57? With all do
Respect Jason, I would sooner trust our border patrol officers than our rogue vigilante citizens running around with machine guns. That's scary and possibly the problem in the first place in many instances that we are describing. In some sick sense these murderers all thought that they were administering justice (their own kind). I still prefer regular law and statues than all the crazies who think that their sense of justice should govern the streets.
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Also, the men that wrote the constitution and the amendments were not dealing with the Semi Automatics that we are facing. They were establishing a country independent of the colonizing British. Their circumstance were different than ours and they did the best they knew for their time and their circumstances.
It's the reason that we have amendments in the first place. To amend.
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 We must NEVER surrender our Second Amendment rights. Our forefathers intended that the citizenry always be capable of defending our democracy should an oppressive form of government ever take power. Gun control has never worked - it simply leaves innocent citizens at the mercy of criminals who do not bother with legally obtaining firearms anyway. But crime is not the issue here - control of the population is. That is why dictatorial governments, whether they be fascist, communist or socialist always seek to disarm their own citizens as soon as they take power.
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Jason S
Let's get the "machine gun" word out of the vocab, they are long illegal in the US. A semi-automatic rifle like the AK-47 is an extreme, but I know people who own them and hunt with them. No one has ever said the word vigilante, that's your word. Also, the Constitution applies just as much now as it did then, give it a read, it's not evolving or growing. You're right we did amend the Constitution, with more freedom. The Freedom of speech and religion and the freedom to own guns for a purpose. So we have Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
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Jason S
Which is supported by Amendment II

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
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Jason S

If you take away the 2nd, the 1st goes with it. Bye bye America and off to find a new home (for you).

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The extent to which the citizenry is armed is the question at hand.
The challenge is not actually to the 2nd amendment right, it's to the right of what? How armed do we need to be. Do we need to have nuclear heads in our garages? Because that's what the government has? Obviously not. Therefore the question again is do we really need semi automatics easily in the hands of every Tom, Dick, or Harry in order not to be accused of violating our first amendment rights? Some control is necessary. The question is why does anyone need a semiautomatic, or ammunition clips that achieve a similar result.
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 DL....you make many lucid and compelling points. I doubt you and I are very far apart in our positions. Thank you for your comments. I have nothing but respect for your perspective.
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Jason S
 I've never said no regulation, but the level of armament should be up to the individual, whatever you feel comfortable with when the unthinkable happens. I know you said "theoretical" but that has happened in the last century. Like I said before while I am NOT saying it is time to take up arms against the Govt, we ARE on a slippery slope, ask a Holocaust survivor what Germany was like in the 20's and 30's in comparison to today and he will scare you with some of his answers. I know this first hand.
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 In Israel we are happy that so many capable people have guns. What you need is gun control? When the Intada started my son applied. He is a Rabbi and it took three months of background searches, classes and tests for him to get the gun. Many lives have been saved here by citizens being armed and in the right place at the right time. One person armed in that school that knew what thet were doing could have changed the whole picture. D
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Jason S
There are many controls in place. Take California for example, the law states you can only have one 10 round magazine loaded at any given time. But last night a man managed to shoot 50 rounds at Fashion Island mall. So he either reloaded his 10 rounds 5 times or broke the law. You cannot legally purchase magazines in CA that hold more than 10 rounds. So what to we do, make more laws? Ban more guns?
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Jason S
We have laws, we need to enforce them, harshly. Let people know that breaking them is not a good idea.
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 my point exactly DGW. I am military trained....lethal force is a last resort. I hope I never need to use it again. I can't help but blame this murderer's mother for not securing these instruments of death.
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 May HaShem heal the wounds of the families and friends of the victims. amen
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DK, From the moment that I desired your friendship it was because I honored your stance. I do today as well. I honor you, your training and your great character and courage. Again, you and those like you are the few that I would entrust my life with. People like you are tried tested and true.
Don't be surprised if I show up to your house in the event of an uprising. It is one of the few places I would feel safe.
G-D Bless you and THANK YOU!
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DK, Israel is a completely different situation. For the most part nearly every citizen has been trained and served in the military. Their guns are issued in a "right of passage" sort of way with training and under observation all while united for a comon goal; survival under very difficult circumstances. Kids from the age of 16 or younger are already profiled for their positions in the military. That's two years before they even begin their training. It's truly apples and oranges. People like DK, should be armed, kids who's training are video games shouldn't.
Also Jason, Sadly those who survived the holocaust did so either by leaving or by simply making it long enough through concentration camp or hiding. Very few Partisans made it, certainly compared to the population, but no doubt that their courage served to mangle communications and disrupt even further mass destruction of our people.
At the end, I don't know if any minority would survive a population of people who wishes for its destruction. It wouldn't matter how many guns you had. You couldn't beat the military as a whole. It would just be a futile attempt to weaken it.
Most Jews I know will tell you of all the different countries their families were once from. It's another good reason to keep Israel strong as a place that welcomes Jews and has the arms to defend her people in a more meaningful way than all the machine guns anyone could stock pile.
But in the meantime, until any one of us are faced with any of these decisions, I prefer one rule of law then all the vigilantes who think themselves just in looking for their own way to settle a score. Everyman who has committed domestic violence has thought that his wife had it coming and deserved it. Thats just an anecdotal example I understand, but everyone has some sense of sick reason for picking up a weapon. Go to the jails and you will hear every one of those justifications/reasons/causes.
Again, I prefer one rule of law. Not the makings of every individual who seeks his own sense of justice.
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Jason S
 Yes yes, more laws. That will make it all better. I am no vigilante, nor do I want to be. You speak of not being able to beat the govt but I am talking about not letting the govt get to the point of needing some kind of defeat. Stop the ballooning govt, before things get to the point where people are forced to fight or flight. Again the German people were told the disarming was for their own good. Since you feel it's ok to imply I am some sort of justice seeking vigilante, I feel ok in saying your ideas are like a sheep being lead to slaughter.
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Jason S
 This is what ultra-strict gun laws get you; http://my.chicagotribune.com/#story/chi-shootings-violence-december-14-december-15-20121214/
Chicago Tribune
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Hardly Jason, one thing I've never been accused of is being a sheep. I've also not accused YOU of being a vigilante, but I am speaking of a crazed group that would be, and others who have already demonstrated that they have been. I've never advocated being silent or week or unaware, but I will not selfishly weigh my own civil liberties over or against the greater good of the population and cause it harm.
I am a grateful American, and the well being of it's citizens is paramount to me. Especially since it is this same group of citizens and country that have granted me and my family and you and yours refuge from those who have harmed us in the past. Show some appreciation. You may have rights, but moreover you have duties.
I will not DEMAND my right over my DUTY to the citizens of this country.
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Jason S
 Demanding your rights IS your duty.
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That moms right to have guns killed 28 people who will never have any rights again. She neglected her duty. 

Again, the right for a " just in case" scenario created a "definite" tragedy.
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Jason S
 I appreciate and thank you for a spirited discussion, I hope I didn't offend you. We will have to agree to disagree, a stalemate if you will.
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Funny, that was my next comment when I saw a notification from you. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


California was voted “Worst Run State” for the second year in a row last week, by 24/7 Wall St.. Due to high levels of debt with no relief in sight, the our S&P credit rating is the worst in the nation, our Moody’s credit rating is the second-worst. Much of California’s fiscal woes involve the economic downturn along with completely incompetent leadership ( see Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, Villaragosa, etc.). Home prices plunged by 33.6%!!! between 2006 and 2011, of course that was spurred by Bill Clinton's housing bubble bursting after forcing banks to give out bad loans (called ninja loans- No Income, No Job or Assets). The state’s foreclosure rate and unemployment rate were the third and second-highest in the country, respectively. The space case Gov. "Moonbeam" Jerry Brown is claiming to be making efforts to get finances on track. Stuck on stupid state voters passed a ballot initiative to raise sales taxes as well as income taxes for people who make at least $250,000 a year but like Obama, Brown will not reduce spending and is still pushing the asinine "High Speed" rail project which is looking to waste $100,000,000,000 that's one hundred billion dollars if you get lost counting all the zeros. While median income is the 10th-highest in the country, we also have one of the highest tax burdens on income. According to the Tax Foundation, the state also has the third-worst business tax climate in the country, businesses are fleeing the state like rats off a sinking ship. Add to that illegals sucking $9 billion out of the pot every year and we have what will soon be a bankrupt state. 

Now I love California, there are moments when you are driving near the coast or looking up at the beautiful mountains, that you forget about the potholes, the traffic, the razor wire around the freeway signs, the weeds, the bums, the hippies, the filth, the bars on the windows and miles and miles of graffiti, where you remember what God put here and get that warm feeling. But then the mess comes flying back in your face and I realize, it's time to go. It's time to leave California like many of my friends have and look for cleaner (not greener) pastures. The problem is California is a vacuum, a trap that sucks you in and holds you. I don't have the money to make a move so I am forced to continue slogging through the sludge looking for the moments of sunlight, be that with friends or seeing it in nature. 

So my advice is RUN, run away from this beautiful nightmare. Pull a John Galt and let it fall into the 9th level of hell and when the filth has burned itself away and the cloud of smug has cleared maybe then we can go back and reclaim the beautiful freedom that was once a cornucopia to the world.

I first saw this poster when I was taking a tour of Ellis Island, it's from the early 1920's

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Just The Facts

  • The national debt hit $16 trillion on Sept 4. It is now at $16.287. We are on track to have spent $300 billion dollars in as many months. How long can we keep up spending like this?
  • Despite claiming to be a champion for small business the Obama Administration has passed 1,773 new regulations in the last 30 days. (Find them here)
  • Obama's new buddy Morsi, the president of Egypt has just granted himself dictatorial powers that make Mubarak look like a boy scout. The Egyptian people are rioting over this and this really can't be good for Israel. (Find his new powers here)
  • As of November 2012, over 2,256 rockets had been launched at Israel from Gaza since January 2012. You can probably add another 15 or so since the "Cease Fire".
  • Hamas uses women and children as human shields, and they are proud of it. (See that here)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just Saying

  • Isn't it fascinating that the Benghazi scandal is being drown out by this Petraeus thing?
  • Oh, and the half million people still without power in New York from Sandy!
  • There is only 3 ways for a business to deal with the rising cost from Obama care, be more efficient, raise prices, or cut employees. Being efficiency has been first and foremost since the economy turned south, it's price or jobs liberals, you choose?
  • Obama  has planned a trip to Russia, we'll get to see how flexible he is.
  • Wait war hating, medal tossing, super loser John Kerry is up for SecDef? Sad that doesn't surprise me.
  • At least Hillary Clinton will be able to testify in the Benghazi hearing... What? She's on vacation  oh well it's only dead Americans.
  • Speaking of testimony dodgers, Eric Holder will be staying on as AG, so the culture of corruption will go on.
  • To most major news sites with breaking news about Justin Beiber's relationship status  WE DON'T CARE.
  • Do you know about Twitchy? Cause if you don't you should. They have an app, its great.
  • Saw the new Bond movie last night, "Skyfall" is worth the $18.
  • Heard yesterday they are converting the new Superman movie "Man of Steel" into 3D, that makes me think the movie lacks something and they are trying to make up for that.
  • On MSNBC Saturday, CBS's Nancy Giles said the reason white people are "trying to eliminate all these abortions" is "to build up the race". I guess she doesn't know that a majority of abortions kills black babies. AND that's what Margaret Sanger wanted when she started planned parenthood.
  • This week has already seen hundreds of rockets fired out of Gaza and Syria into Israel, and as usual the media is attacking Israel for defending itself. Good thing relations between the US and Israel are "stronger than ever". NOT!
  • Speaking of savage muslims, jihadist in Egypt are calling for the destruction of the pyramids and the sphinx. Anyone else having flashbacks to the Library of Alexandria?
  • Lastly, the LA city council has declared Monday to be "Meatless Monday". Like I needed another reason to hate the city council and eat steak!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More Free Crap

Mitt Romney was no ones first choice to take on Obama, but he was on top at the end of the primary season and for the most part ran a solid campaign, he ran on the American classic theme of "Hard Work". But Obama ran on the much more fun "More Free Crap". It's hard for people to pass up free crap, now we know how hard. In the long run Romney was right in his 47% comment. Obama was right as well, in his '98 speech. This election was proof that the smooth talking, faux compassion, and free crap will sway the masses. More free crap is ultimately socialism and we know "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money"- Margaret Thatcher. Obama has been on a spending spree, he's run the national debt up over $16 trillion and now looks for the largest tax increases in American history to keep his spree going.

One of the biggest flubs (or so the media says) in Romney's campaign was his 47% comment. What he said was; "There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what," He went on. "There are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it." Now the term "victims" insulted people. But it wasn't wrong, these people are victims of Obama's agenda, but I'll get to that in a minute. These people aren't feeling the effects of being on the bottom. Back in the day when you were poor, you felt it. You ate cheap food, if you ate. You felt the burn of having to pull out those food stamps (they were once actually like stamps) and rip at them while everyone else looked at you. You watched a small broken tv, if had one. Your clothes had holes and your shoes were worn thin. But today at the bottom you eat whatever you want, from steak to shrimp, you buy soda and cookies. Your food stamps are pre-loaded on a slick credit card that you swipe and go without the stigma. There's a flat screen tv in the living room, and a couple others throughout the house. Your clothes look like everyone else's, they don't know you got them at Marshall's. Now we even have Obamaphones. The hard times just aren't hard anymore. So why give up more free crap. Romney's great America though commitment, sacrifice and hard work sounds so... hard.

If you don't like the thought of using the poor as political pawns, Obama was the wrong choice. In 1998 at Loyola  Obama said he viewed welfare recipients and “the working poor” as “a majority coalition” that could be mobilized to help advance progressive policies and elect their champions. So by his thought, he would need a "majority" of people in the welfare rolls to manipulate them into voting the way he wants. That is exactly what he did. He pummeled the middles class, shrinking it, sending more and more into his "majority coalition".  Don't forget the number of people applying for welfare every month is equal to or more than the number of jobs created. Mitt was right, but that won't change the need for more free crap.

I used the Thatcher quote above about OPM (other people's money), and that will be the failing of this experiment in socialism over the long run. It's what caused the Soviet Union to fall and what shifted China into this quasi-capitalist/socialist mash up. You can only rely on OPM for so long, the wealthy in this country will only give so much before they leave. The countries lending us money will only continue to do so for a few more credit downgrades before we are not worth investing in. More free crap is the sham, cause as we all know nothing is free! Someone is paying. Obamacare in not free healthcare, foodstamps are not free food, mandated birth control and abortions are not free. We can't keep inflating the stock market with printed money. Want proof? Click that link and watch how fast those dollars tick away, that has to be paid. Maybe not in the next 4 year when it is likely to jump up to $22trillion, but by our kids, grand kids and many generations after them. We are piling them down decades before they are born.

With the fiscal cliff fast approaching with unprecedented tax increases along with massive cuts to defense and medicare spending, we are responsible for keeping Obama in office. Now we will have to pay the price, and I promise when the free is gone all we'll have left is more crap. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just Saying

  • Since Obama is pretending to be president shouldn't he wear a Reagan mask or something?
  • If I let four Americans die in a far away land, I wouldn't want to talk about it either.
  • We knew this hurricane was coming for days and FEMA still didn't seem ready, is this proof Obama doesn't care about white people?
  • There's nothing like using children to get your point across, no I'm not talking about the creepy Obama kids singing about death. This is a lesson on redistribution Steven Crowder style!
  • Wanna see something scary? Look at this!
  • Obama has openly said he will let the Bush tax rates expire and let the sequestration happen, last time a Dem drove a speeding car over an edge like this Ted Kennedy was driving... SPLASH! (too soon?)
  • So Disney bought Lucasfilms for $4billion, and already the talk of new Star Wars movies. It will be interesting to see Darth Vader on ABC's "Once Upon a Time".
  • Just imagine if Obama happens (by some crazy chance) to win re-election the whole country will be a liberal utopia like Chicago.
  • With Disney buying up Lucasfilm and already having Pixar and Marvel, they are quickly headed down the path of Umbrella Corp.
  • OK this wasn't my strongest Just Saying post, but it takes a lot out of a guy to bash Obama day and night.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

He Had One Job


So the primary job of the POTUS is to protect it's citizens. He is not our boss, he works for us. Obama had one job to do and failed. Protecting the lives of Americans is first and foremost, time and time again Obama has proved he is not capable of doing his job. Be it in Libya or right here in the CONUS (continental United States). 

Lets start right here at home. After the Obama admin took over in 2009, new AG Eric Holder revived a failed gunwalking program from the Bush admin. Operation Fast and Furious was "supposed" to help track guns going from the US to Mexico. Though the Obama admin had none of the tracking tools used by previous admin and the operation quickly turned into thousands of US guns disappearing into Mexico and subsequently used to kill HUNDREDS of Mexican Citizens. On December 14, 2010 US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed on US soil by what was found out to be one of the guns lost by FF. The Obama admin brushed the whole story away, the MSM ignored the story as much as possible and ridiculed anyone who brought it up. TO THIS DAY, AG Eric Holder has NOT answered for the death of Agent Terry and the Obama admin pretends not to even know Terry's name. This failure of the administration to protect American life should have been the last, but no.

On 9/11/2012 in Benghazi Libya an attack by an Al Qaeda associated group on a US Consulate with NO formal security took the lives of four Americans. US Ambassador Chris Stevens, Embassy worker Sean Smith, CIA operatives and former Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. This well planned and coordinated attack took place over seven hours. Mr.Smith was the first to die, then Ambassador Stevens was sexually assaulted and asphyxiated to death. While that was taking place CIA assets Doherty and Woods were a few blocks away, seeing the smoke coming form the burning consulate they radioed for authority to engage the terrorist, rescue the consulate workers and asked for back up. THREE times they were told to "Stand Down" and do nothing. When they couldn't take doing nothing any longer both men engaged the mob and killed 60 terrorist before losing their lives heroically. Woods died while "painting" a group of terrorist firing a mortar as a target with a laser meant to give air support a target to shoot at. But nothing happened, within minutes the terrorist spotted Woods and turned the mortar on his position and killed him. The Obama admin first lied and said the mob was a "spontaneous" outbreak of violence due to a "video" on youtube insulting the prophet (child rapist and all around scumbag) muhammad. This LIE went on for almost 3 weeks before it became very clear what had happened and very slowly the admin started changing it's story. TO THIS DAY the Obama admin has not answered why Woods and Doherty's request were denied and why during the seven hours of hell on 9/11/12 in Benghazi that was streaming LIVE into the White House NO EFFORT was made to save the 4 men who died that day. A seasoned veteran Woods would have only "painted" a target with a laser if he knew there was an aircraft nearby to lay down fire. Those men were left behind to be slaughtered like pigs. WE DON'T DO THAT! At least we didn't before Obama.

This creepy Obama flag kind of looks like the bloody handprint  left  behind in  Libya.

Barack Obama has demonstrated time after time that he does not care about what happens in this country. Be it by running up the National Debt over $16,000,000,000,000, residing over 2 downgrade of our national credit rating, sitting by while 23million Americans sit unemployed or worst of all ignoring the deaths of Americans serving their Country. We cannot afford four more years of this insanity. IT HAS TO STOP! DO YOUR PART ON NOV. 6. VOTE FOR REAL CHANGE! VOTE ROMNEY/RYAN '12!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Crumbling Obama

After watching the three presidential debates I have figured out why Obama's campaign is failing. Obama's persona is a big issue, along with the people he's surrounded himself with. Then there is also the media's complicity in the whole thing, which despite being in the tank for Obama I think turned out to be his worst enemy. The last four years have been very telling, having a record to run on (or run from) is a definite factor as well.

In 2008 Obama was a virtual unknown in the world of politics. A jr senator from Illinois he came out of nowhere and exploded on the scene with a cult of personality that just overpowered the well known Hillary Clinton in the primary and made John McCain the stereotypical picture of the Republican party, stuffy, old, white, male. Obama saw this explosion and took advantage of being an unknown, He could be whatever people wanted him to be. He was young, mixed race, had a strong voice and a name that rebellious young liberals knew would piss off their fathers. We had people saying Obama was going to pay off their homes, cars, college loans, Obama himself said that he would end racial tensions in America and would make us loved all over the world on day one. No one cared he had never held a real job, no one read the books on who his father was and where he came from. People were caught up in the cult and never stopped to ask if Obama was qualified to be President of the United States. You couldn't oppose him, if anyone asked questions you were shouted down as a racist and dismissed. When he hid his college records or distanced himself from the church he sat in for 20 years it made no difference. Nothing could penetrate the cult. But this developed into a weakness no one would see for four years. Obama like the late Michael Jackson had surrounded himself by yes-men, every word he said, no matter how absurd, was praised. When he put on a funny southern accent it was charming, when he made fun of how old McCain was, he was witty.  I'm sure someone even snatched a tissue he sneezed in as a keepsake.

Obama's halo was part of the media's cult image.

Hillary got different treatment.

The mainstream media was complicit in the cult of Obama. They ran with Obama's "Hope and Change" slogan. They swooned, they tingled, they fainted, they slobbered all over themselves to make Obama the sure thing. They even went so far as to bash Clinton, who early on was their golden girl. Remember the halo pictures? The MSM did everything they could to make him untouchable, again using the race card to push down detractors. Obama was their messiah and just like the public, did no vetting of who Obama was. This inflated Obama's ego. Nothing he did caused any strife and he loved every second. But this may be part of his downfall. Now when the media questions him he looks shocked. He seems insulted that anyone would dare question his previously unchallenged intelligence. It's just like raising kids. You can't let them win all the time, you can't tell them they're smart when they answer 2+2 wrong. If you do the child acts petulant and spoiled. Just like Obama at the debates. By never challenging him they turned him into what we see today. The problem is you can't fool all the people all the time.

After four years of Obama's policies the Country is in the slowest recovery in American history, if you believe the recession ended in June 2009 like the administration told us. Obama promised so much in 2008 it should be no surprise that he couldn't get much of it done. But what he didn't do is the least of our problems.  We have big problems and as much as Obama wants you to believe it's Bush's fault, the blame lies squarely on Obama's shoulders. The most stand out of Obama's responsibilities is the national debt. In 2008 when Obama took office the ND was $10 trillion, but a mere 4 years later is $16 trillion. Ignoring Obama's promise to halve the debt by the end of his first term, he has run wild with spending. He once said that the $4 trillion Bush added to the debt in 8 years was unpatriotic. Now he tells us that we have to spend our way out of debt, which if anyone else tried would end up on the street if not jail. Obama took Bush's bail-outs to the next level, not just banks, he bailed out the auto industry, he bailed out "green" energy companies, states, and even some companies that aren't even in America. There's Obamacare, a bill no one wanted but congress pushed through. Then there is the jobs, Obama told us that without his bail-outs the unemployment would shoot up to 8%, he told us by now we'd be somewhere around 5%. Problem is the bail-out was a complete failure, unemployment shot up over 10% and now heavily adjusted we sit at 7.8%. There are over 22.6 million unemployed today, but the number the admin uses is 11 million. They don't count people who have been unemployed so long they have given up looking all together. Obama  has started a line of quantitative easing that led to 2 downgrades of our national credit rating. While these QE's have been holding up the stock market, its a bubble that will burst when the money stops flowing from the government. Economic growth has been stagnant and this is making us look weak across the globe. Iran's dictator has questioned how much longer we can be a superpower with the debt we have. But that is the tip of the iceberg in his foreign policy failures. He let Egypt and Libya fall under the rule of radical islamist, he looked the other way during the iranian green revolution. He sits by while Syria slaughters its own and puts "daylight between the US and Israel". He betrayed our allies Great Britain  Japan, and Poland while bowing to dictators and communist and telling Russian President Medvedev to transmit to Putin that he will be more flexible after the election.

We cannot afford 4 more years of Barack Obama, not in our economy, and not in our national security. We should have been told who he was before he took the most powerful position on the Earth. We needed the MSM to do its job not foist on us an unqualified jr Senator. But now we know, we know who he is, we know what his plans are and we know what he cares about, HIMSELF. We have the ability to stop this train wreck halfway through, we can save ourselves from the rest of Obama's policies and ideas. Ultimately it will be easy, just vote. Vote for Mitt Romey, vote for real change. Change we can believe in.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just Stating

The facts;

  • This day in 2008 the national debt was $10.3 trillion, today it's $16.05 trillion
  • This day in 2008 actual unemployment numbers were 13 million, today 23 million.
  • This day in 2008 there were 32 million on food stamps, today 47 million.
  • This day in 2008 gas was $3.61 in California, today it's $4.21.
  • This time in 2008 there were 1.1 million federal employees, today there are more than 2.5 million.
  • We haven't passed a budget in the U.S. for the last 1,240 (+or - a few) days.
  • This time in 2008 Bush's operation "Wide Receiver" with the help of the Mexican govt. had zero fatalities, electronically tagged guns were recovered and was ceased. Today Obama's operation "Fast and Furious" without informing the Mexican govt. has funneled thousands of guns to Cartels, killed hundreds of Mexican citizens and at least 1 U.S. Border Patrol agent and is ceased.
  • This time in 2008 the Middle East was a mess, but we had Egypt as an ally and though Gaddafi was a pest he had stopped pursuing nuclear weapons. Today Egypt is an islamic republic that Obama says is not an ally and Libya is in chaos, having stormed the U.S. Embassy and murdered the Ambassador.
  • The US GDP growth rate was 3.6 at this time in 2007, it is 1.7 now.
Obama said himself, 

His "One term proposition" is in effect, his administration has been a disaster, the lack of leadership is astonishing and it is time for a new direction. It's time to fill the chair and the suit...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Into The Ground

The Fed announced another round of quantitative easing (QE) today. Since we are just pulling the same dead rabbit out of the has as a couple years ago, I am going to re-post the whole explanation I found last time. Some of the minor details have changed, but it's pretty much the same.

QE2 Is Not A Boat, But It's Costing Us A Boatload.

I was going to write out a long form post explaining QE2 (quantitative easing), I have been reading up and getting all the lingo sorted out so I could make it as clear as possible. Jump ahead two hours and I found this little gold nugget. Thanks to Karl Denninger for making it so clear and easy.

I wouldn't have done any better, remember folks if shooting yourself in the foot doesn't work the first time, shoot the other foot and see if that makes it all better.

So now I guess this is the head shot, four years of failed Obama policies have lead us to a place where we are just going print off an extra $40billion a month indefinately, which will drive up inflation even more. So if you've noticed that the price of EVERYTHING is higher, don't worry, it will go up more. Obama is set on driving this country into the ground.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One Day Later

Yesterday on the anniversary of 9/11, I warned you about the constant hate in the muslim world. Mere minutes after I submitted that post I started getting tweets about Egyptians storming our embassy in Cairo. Muslims burned our flag and shouted "There are a billion of us Obama, we are all Osama". This is a clue that the stupid muhammad movie has nothing to do with this. This was a coordinated attack on the anniversary of the biggest victory any enemy has ever had against the United States. An attack that started in a country Obama handed to the muslim brotherhood after an "arab spring" that was a peaceful uprising for the first 20 minutes. Twenty minutes after that I knew it was just a matter of time before Egypt was a islamic republic. 

A few hours after the embassy attack in Egypt, it happened again in Benghazi Libya. Except the embassy in Egypt had a heads up on the attack and was cleared out before the violence started. The embassy in Benghazi was not so lucky. The also recently "freed from the tyranny of Qaddafi" Libyans stormed our embassy, burned it down and murdered Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three of his staff. I opted yesterday not to show you graphic photos, but its a new day and maybe you didn't get everything I was trying to tell you yesterday. 

That is the body of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens, being desecrated by islamist who murdered him and dragged his body through the streets for 12 hours. Yes it took 12 hours to recover his body. Now my heart goes out to his family and I am sure they don't want to see their husband, father, son, uncle or brother like this. But you need to. You need to see what we are up against. This is not some council of Christian parents writing letters to Nickelodeon because Jason Biggs is an animal who doesn't belong on children's television. This is a group if islamist who are working right out of their holy text to "smite infidels at their necks." While Stevens was suffocated to death, many others have been beheaded by dull knives while they are still alive. I watched Daniel Pearl die, no one should ever have to go like that. 

We have to wise up and stop this. The apology issued by the embassy in Egypt that was released before any violence had taken place is just another notch in the belt of the islamist that are out to see us destroyed. This muhammad movie was screened one time in Los Angeles months ago, the "Israeli Jew" that made it Sam Bacile doesn't exist. Looks like now the movie was funded by "evangelics and copts". The real question is who gave it to the Egyptians and why?  The more of this whole situation that comes into the light the worse it looks. Well planned, coordinated and probably funded by the muslim brotherhood. We have to show them we are not a "paper tiger" and we will fight. Since we know Obama has no interest if this fight he needs to go. Do I know exactly what Mitt Romney will do? No, but I do know what Obama will do, nothing. He will let Iran have nuclear weapons, he will let the muslim brotherhood take over nations that were once considered allies, he will leave our border porous and open to any kind of illegal activity you can dream of. Former Admiral Mike Mullen has said that "our national debt is the biggest threat to national security", and that was trillions of dollars ago.

This election is shaping up to be one of the most important of our time, but don't take my word on it. Look at the facts, unemployment, the national debt, the US credit rating, the border, taxes, foreign policy! We can't afford continue absorbing this kind of damage to our country. In 53 days we either take back our nation or we give it away. You Decide!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Patriot's Day 2012

People were jumping from the highest floors of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Rather than burn to death, they chose a few fleeting seconds of terror. I decided I was not going to post the video of the people jumping, but I did want to remind you. Remind you of a crime perpetrated on America by evil hate filled muslims that to this day still want our Freedom to cease. They still hate us (and Israel) more than they love their children. They still fire rockets into quiet neighborhoods, blow themselves up on buses, set off IEDs as our troops drive by and are still trying to build a nuclear weapon in Iran. Patriot's Day is not a day of service, its a day of recognition, to recognize not only the bravery of our First Responders and Soldiers, but to recognize that there is great evil in the world and very few with the fortitude to kill it.

There is a website called The Religion of Peace that has kept track of (almost) every attack by muslims since 9/11. There they keep a running tally of all the deadly attacks, 19,582 of them to be exact. Every one of those represents at least one life taken, but many are several up to hundreds. We cannot let ourselves be lulled into a feeling of safety. Just because our Military has done an AMAZING job of keeping the jihadist off our shores doesn't mean they are not trying. We have to have constant vigilance, they just have to get lucky. In the gritty but amazing film Act of Valor we see how with some cooperation between jihadis and Mexican cartels there can be terror right on out doorstep. Since the federal government has made no effort to fix the border, the "Act of Valor" scenario is very possible. The other target is Israel, the last bastion of freedom and sanity in the region. If the Iranians are successful in finishing their nuclear weapon the first target will no doubt be our only ally in the Middle East. We already let one Holocaust happen by ignoring evil, are we really willing to see history repeat itself?  

Maybe I sound angry, WELL I AM! You should be too, you should never forget the anger that burned in you as you realized with the rest of America that we were being attacked on 9/11/01. Never forget the rage as you watched the muslims dancing in the streets of some middle east wasteland celebrating our darkest moment and never forget the 3000+ men, women and children whose lives were torn from them in the most violent way. Let that anger bubble up inside you and remember September 11, 2001 the day cowards slashed the throats of flight attendants with box cutters and forced their way into cockpits (that were not locked, reinforced doors cause they didn't have to be) and crashed planes into the symbols of freedom in our Great Country.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just Saying...

  • Some women want the gov. out of their business when it comes to abortion, but all in their business when it comes to birth control?

  • Same women also complain there is no "rape exception" in the GOP platform, but technically there is no rape exception in the democrat platform either.
  • I would like to remind people of Obama's position; Even if the abortion fails and the baby is born ALIVE, another doctor comes in the room and KILLS IT!!!

  • With all this sudden interest in the Mormon church, I am left wondering why the media never looked into Obama's church under Rev.Wright?
  • Wesley Snipes skipped his taxes for three years and was put in jail, how could Romney get away with ten? The IRS gets it's money!
  • Is Los Angeles mayor Tony Villar termed out yet, cause LA has slipped into the 8th level of hell.
  • We're coming up on the 11th anniversary of 9/11, have we rebuilt the Twin Towers yet?
  • Jerry Brown recently said he wasn't going around trying to raise taxes in California, it's called Prop 30, look it up. Now I know why they call him Moonbeam, cause he's way out there.
  • People are complaining that LA. Mayor Bobby Jindal is asking for gov assistance over hurricane issac, but that's one of the things we actually want the gov to do.
  • Speaking of hurricane issac, several "celebrities", liberal ones of course, have been hoping and praying that issac would kill all the GOP at the RNC convention. Classy. #NewTone
  • Yesterday an Israeli court ruled the parents of a (moron) pro-palestinian protester have no civil case against the govt. for the girl being ran over by a bulldozer in a restricted area. LMAO!!!
  • Speaking of Israel, Iran has again threatened to wipe Israel off the map. They must have nukes cause the filthy bastards certainly aren't gonna use soap.
  • Apple won a billion dollar case against Samsung, and no one cared.
  • Has anyone actually told the code pinkos that dressing up like giant vaginas is disgusting and derogatory to women.
  • Obama honored the passing of American Hero Neil Armstrong by posting a picture of himself. Oh yeah and didn't order the flags half-staff. WTH? 
  • Umm excuse me Mr.President it's spelled O-H-I-O not O-I-H-O.
  • The libs have been running around saying RAPE is RAPE, which the whole country agrees with unless you are a democrat during the time Bill Clinton was in office or Roman Polanski forcibly (very graphic) sodomized a 13 year old girl (not rape rape).
  • Kindergarten tells child his name is too violent and he needs to change it, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Obama Didn't Build That

After last week's speech telling Americans they didn't build their businesses, I felt I had to respond to Obama. You know the car came before the road, and yes the government built that road. Though if cars hadn't exploded in popularity there wouldn't have been a need for those roads. But let's take a second look at the roads, built by government. The roads, police, schools, etc. are in fact from the government, but where is the government from? Yep, that's right US! We the people make it possible for gov. to do all that great stuff, with our money, work, effort, blood, sweat and tears. Take away that and the government has nothing. 
Without us the government has nothing. It cannot create jobs, roads, schools, anything without our tax dollars. We are the income, sure Obama can print money, but that's not creating wealth, that's creating debt. Obama has been spending more than the gov's been taking in for his entire term as president. That's why our national debt has exploded under Obama, up SIX trillion dollars since 2008. Sure the government can hire people to work within, but those people are being paid out of your pocket. Then they pay taxes with money that came from taxes. They can even spend money in the private sector, but because that money is taxes (which is being taxed btw), it's not adding to the growth of the economy. 
Obama wants you to feel bad for being a hard worker, he wants you to be OK with redistributing your wealth to people who are choosing not to work. Obama wants people dependent on government because then gov can control every aspect of your life. You see the gov doesn't believe you are smart or capable enough to run your own life. But somehow Obama is, the guy who won't release his college records, who spent a good amount of that time high on weed or even cocaine, who has never held a job in the real world, knows better than you. Of course 72% of people polled believe Small Business owners do work hard and are responsible for their own success

So next time you are driving on a "government" road remember that's your road. You paid for it, you built it. Don't thank Obama for graciously letting you drive on his road, thank the Founding Fathers for creating the system of government that is built of, by and for you. And whatever you do, don't let anyone take that away from you. 

One way you can help stop Obama from continuing down this path of destruction is making sure you're registered to vote and exercise that by voting for Mitt Romney 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Where Do We Go From Here?

Being conservative in LA is like wearing a meat jacket in a shark tank. One must be very careful what you say outloud if you don't want to judged, chastised or straight assaulted. Not that I couldn't handle it, after all they're just hippies. I was at a Shabbos dinner the other night which featured a guest speaker Malcolm Hoenlein who is the executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations talking about how we needed to stop sitting on the sidelines and get in the game. The game he spoke of was sitting on our hands while Iran gets closer and closer to a nuclear weapon. Of course this involved speaking harshly of Obama, muslims and liberalism, which on;y went over so so with the crowd. The speaker did try to tip toe around direct accusations and blaming but we all knew what he was saying.

Diplomatic negotiations with Iran will fail. George Bush tried this with N. Korea, he said America (& the UN) wouldn't tolerate a nuclear NK and sent all sorts of "firm letters". Sanctions will fail. They were useless as well, Kim Jong-Il just starved the people in order to pay for his weapons program. All the hemming and hawing got us was a nuclear armed N. Korea. Sound familiar? This is the same exact situation with a much more threatening bad guy. Ahmadinejad is no pudgy dictator with a love of classic American movies. He HATES us, he HATES Israel and he speaks often of wiping us both out. Joking aside, this is no time for more diplomatic negotiations.

This leaves us with very few options; 1) We can shake our fist with empty threats until Tel Aviv (or New York or Los Angeles) is wiped off the map, then be forced to respond with massive action. 2) We can stop trying to tie Israel's hands, they have done a fine job of keeping both Iraq and Syria out of the nuclear world. Not to mention they are our ONLY real ally in the Middle East and deserve our support. 3) We can take care of it ourselves, I know it's not PC and the liberals will piss and moan, but what are they really gonna do? They're just hippies.

I asked Mr.Hoenlin about characters like George Soros, and he told me we have to call people like him out on their undermining of progress. Warren Buffet, Jeff Immelt and Richard Trumka all need to be brought into the light so their deeds can be seen by all and put to the American people to decide whether we follow them deeper into hell or start climbing out.