Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just Saying

  • The same Bob Woodward that helped take down Nixon, was threatened by the Obama Admin and he still won't release the name of the person who threatened him. Trust me if Nixon had done it you would know.
  • Speaking of state controlled media, Michelle Obama made a glaring mistake/lie during an ABC interview and they kindly edited it out. How nice of them. 
  • Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison is INSANE...
  • Now that we know the reports of the Gov. buying up tens of millions of rounds of ammo are false, it makes me happier, now I know it's the people causing the shortage. 
  • Obama is really cranking up the scare tactics for this sequestration of his. I see it as a merging of Chicken Little and The Boy King Who Cried Wolf, with some Emperor's New Clothes thrown in.
  • Adam Carolla has a great way to clear up Democrat statements, "Stupid or Liar". Like when Donna Brazile asked why her health care premiums have gone up. We all know it's Obamacare, so she's either stupid or a liar?
  • So, Obama hat wearing anti-gun protester said she'd rather be murdered than use a gun in self defense. Stupid or Liar?
  • This Gov. website for foodstamps says they make America stronger. Stupid of Liar?
  • The Senate confirmed Chuck Hagel as SecDef. Proof that even the dumbest, lying, antisemitic, jack ass has a place in the Obama Amin.
  • Wait John Kerry is already SecState, I guess we'll call them Dumb and Dumber. You decide which is which.
  • Jeopardy had a whole category of "answers" called "A Binder Full of Women". Proof that you can't escape leftist politics anywhere.
  • Last one. Today SecState Kerry said Iran has an "elected" govt. Stupid of Liar?