Monday, March 28, 2005


So I am s.o.l. on a place to stay by my school. I will now be commuting a hour and a half four days a week. That f'n sucks. I have tired staying with friends but I have come to find out who is, and will let you sleep on their couch, and who isn't, maybe talk to the landlady and not just toss me on my but. It's great when people are your friends and who are not till you need help, than its screw you. Oh to be pampered like my sisters friend with mommy giving me cars and paying my fancy Arcasia rent. Now I will be in school 15 hours a week, driving 15 hours a week and working 30 hours a week. Not bad a 60 hour week and thats not aloting time for homework. Which I have a crapload of. Anyway I hope your Easter was better than mine.
Y'all Wanna Single; I Say F@ck that. - KORN
Edited 6-9-05 to clear up any confusion. Sorry.

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  1. A friend (?), named paul.June 7, 2005 at 3:34 PM