Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Bob Saget

What happened to Bob? He was one of the dirtiest funniest comedians on the planet when all of a sudden the biggest crap to hit the TV, Full House pops into our boob tubes and forever doomed the once hilarious Bob Saget... Or so we thought. The New York Observer has a great article on Saget. CAUTION, NOT FOR CHILDREN OR THE UPTIGHT! (if you fit into one or both of those categories you will want to click away now.)

Penn Gillette on Saget; "One of the most important things about The Aristocrats is, when Saget is getting so filthy-dirty, he has no worry,” he said. “We live in a country where we do have freedom of speech. This movie is just a pure dream of Thomas Jefferson, in that it’s a hundred people saying anything that pops into their head, with no fear whatsoever. You know a lot of the Hollywood people—and this pissed me off so much—would say, ‘Oh, your movie’s fine in the blue states, but what about in the red states, where you get to the stupid people?’ And I would say, ‘Oh, by ‘stupid people’ you mean people who can program a machine, fix cars and perform surgeries? As opposed to we who are in Hollywood, who can’t do f+cking anything?"

You can read the full article here

It's Off To The Principal's Office I Go - Young MC

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