Friday, January 20, 2006

I have returned

So I saw the Pacifier, starring Vin Diesel, not bad... It is a bit older but you could tell it was Disney starting to come back around to responsible movie making. It was good and family oriented, though it did have an arrary of potty jokes that were a little much, way to much of Brad Garret's Body and a sad portrayal of Navy SEALS but all in all a solid 3 stars for Vin.

On a heavier note, Iran seems to be preparing for War. I say come and get it, we will take them down faster than Iraq ( I know this because I've talked with an Iranian Dissidant who told me 80% of the population would back us over their own.)

Hey you, Hey you - finally you get it, The world it will eat you if you let it- KORN

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  1. Just a random comment regarding Diesel, I didn't recognize him in Saving Private Ryan. I initally thought it was him, but for whatever reason dismissed him as someone else.

    Yeah, wind sucks. Lost power a few times. Hope it's not as bad there as it is down here.