Monday, February 26, 2007

Buried Stories that need sunlight...

OK so in the past few weeks we have had a rash of horrible things happening in this Country that the media (including foxnews) has buried.

1) There was a shooting in a crowded mall in Utah, multiple people died, the shooter was a MUSLIM!

I have searched the web and can find little to nothing on this story.

2) A MUSLIM cab driver got into an argument with his passengers over God, he drops off the men then proceeds to run them down with his car!

Again, little to nothing in the news, hate-crime?

3) A 13 year old boy is kidnapped at gunpoint by an ILLEGAL Alien.

The "mainstream (joke) media" ignores this and moves on.

4) Two Border Patrol agents are thrown in jail (12 years) for doing their jobs, one is beaten while in general population.

A drug dealer with $1,000,000 worth of drugs is shot in the BUTT. He is given immunity and CITIZENSHIP to testify against our Agents.

I am putting out a call on all who read this to look for more information about any or all of these stories. Get it to me and I will add it to this post. Lets see how much more we can find and EXPOSE this insane BIZZARO world.
Also if you have any other stories like these, send them my way, I'll post them here.

I know it's alot of reading, but we have to stay informed. Tell as many people that will listen, suicide bombers will be next if something isn't done... MARK MY WORDS.

Updates: For Border Patrol Story (this one says the 4th amendment covers illegals!)

Mall Shooting (identifies him as "bosnian" not mooselimb) (no muslame here) (FINALLY)

Cab Driver,2933,253038,00.html

Next Posting will be on women's rights in mooselimb world. Where is the N.O.W.?

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