Monday, January 14, 2008

What Housing Crises? (Rated R)

I know you've heard a lot about it in the news and I have been reading up and today we're gonna be talking about the "Housing crises" and the feds misguided actions towards "averting" it. I will probably piss off a few people, most likely limp wristed whining sacks of shit that don't believe in personal responsibility, but that's ok, because these are generally the same people that refuse to answer violence with violence, an attack with retaliation, so the worst that is gonna happen is they are gonna whine at me, at which point I will promptly tell them to pray to St. Doomonyou, we don't have a housing crises. What we have is a personal responsibility crises, and THAT is definitely something the government should be doing something about. Would you kids like to know WHAT the government should be doing about the personal responsibility crises? Why, it's the same thing they SHOULD be doing for the "housing crises" but aren't.....thaaaat's riiigghhhttt..........NOTHING!!!!! What we have here is thousands upon thousands, maybe even millions, of people that saw something that looked too good to be true, and in their pursuit of the American Dream they took it. What they forgot was that the American Dream, or at least the part of it that entails owning ones own home, does not entail low interest rate loans with a balloon payment in three to five years. The American Dream of owning ones own home begins and ends with PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. You save up your down payment, usually five to ten percent of the price of the house, maybe even twenty percent, under the theory that if you have so much of your hard earned money and time put into the house you are going to be serious about taking care of it and paying it off. Then you go out and find a lender that is willing to work with you to secure the loan that you would spend the next decade or two paying off, because you, during all those years that you were saving that money for a down payment also didn't run up tons of debt on credit cards, and you paid your bills on time and drove a car you could afford the payments and insurance on, and certainly wouldn't buy a car that was the equal to the cost of 1/6 of your house or buy such extravagances as flat screen TV's, iPhones and every other gadget that Amazon shopping said was THE MUST HAVE FUCKING GADGET OF THE YEAR AND IF YOU DON'T GET ONE YOU ARE THE LAMEST PERSON ON EARTH!!!! THAT is how it is supposed to be done, but NOOOOOOOOWWW we have a bunch of whining fucktwits unable to understand basic math or accept the responsibility for the loans they willingly signed up for, and we have a bunch of weak kneed blithering idiot morons in D.C. screaming about some "housing crises" when in reality the crisis is of their own fucking doing. That's RIGHT!!! This is 30 years of education policy (that the feds aren't even supposed to be involved in) coming home to roost, and I lay the blame right where it belongs, WITH THE NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION!!!The dumbed down, politically correct "education" system that now stresses making johnny "Feel good" rather than making sure johhny can fucking read or count has created a whole friggin society of people that won't take responsibility for their actions and expects government to bail them out when things get too deep.And the same people that are crying that the goverment needs to help them save their houses are the very same ones that will vote for a fucking socialist twit (a democrat for those of you, as Rush says, in Rio Lindo) come november. I am torn between suddenly becoming afflicted with a disorder that crosses Tourettes with some disorder that causes me to violently lash out at people at "random" and then wandering into some patchouli reeking coffee bar and having an "attack" and just throwing up my hands and try to get everyone to vote for the dems, quit their jobs as soon as that president is sworn in and spend all our days marching and demanding that the government take care of us. I mean, the second situation is what we have now, but at this time all of us dumbasses that actually expected to pay for our houses ourselves are quietly toiling away, while some sunuvabitch that can't bother to figure out that when the loan agent says "balloon payment" or "rate increase" it means "HEY DUMBASS, YOU'RE GONNA HAVE TO PAY MORE MONEY AT A LATER DATE!!!!!!". You see, many of these loan agents apparently said something along the lines of "Yeah, the payment goes up in three years, but THAT is when you just REFI and get your payment lowered." The loan agents never added "unless the housing market is in a slump and all these subprime loans, like yours senor sanchez, are causing havoc in the financial markets. Then you can probably totally forget about getting a refi and you may very well be stuck with a house payment that is three times what you make every month." But hey, the loan guys aren't psychics, they are just trying to make an honest living. Who knew they were gonna get stuck with a bunch of dishonest customers. There is a reason subprime loans are subprime loans. Because the poor bastards that have shown they can't manage their finances and make too little money to support their lifestyle, such as flatscreen TVs and Cadillac Escalades are really bad loan risks. Did you ever notice you see so many people at the laundromat driving a 50 thousand dollar car? Wouldn't you buy a cheaper car and get a damned washer/dryer set? Yeah, me too.Now the question becomes, what DO we do about this "housing crises."Nothing. Let them lose their houses. Sure, it'd set the financial market around for a bit, but it certainly won't kill us, and it may very well teach a valuable lesson that needs to be relearned, mainly don't loan money to people that are bad at handling it. It'd also teach a valuable lesson to all those people who are clamoring for the government to get them out of the mess they made, and that lesson is "Hey, ASSHOLE, paying your bills is YOUR job, not your Uncle Sam's." Finally it'd put a whole lot of houses on the market under foreclosure, allowing people who have not lived in a financially suicidal way to buy some investment real estate and improve their lot in life, setting a fine example for all those asshats whining for D.C. to save their homes and showing them that with some fiscal restraint and some patience they too can partake in the American Dream.One thing though...if you do go into buying some foreclosed housing and start renting them out to the legions of suddenly houseless former home owners needing a place to stay, you might wanna do a background check and make sure they don't have a foreclosure on their record and consider not renting to them. I hear those kinds of folks don't like to pay their own bills.

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  1. Good point about the "education" system teaching people they don't have to clean their own messes and by their own lunch. We need to bring back dodge ball, for adults, with bowling balls.