Thursday, February 7, 2008

A New Idea

Having spent time pushing two losers for the republican nominee, I have decided the problem is more than lame candidates. The problem is the Republican Party. The party of Bush and McCain is an entity I want nothing to do with. I was repeatedly disappointed by the lack of energy in the Republican Party for years now, going back to George HW Bush. I watched the two California senate seats slide into the hands of the two most sickeningly corrupt disgusting women I have ever seen. The governor being so bad we recalled him and installed an actor who fooled us into thinking he was better. Conservatism is not dead but the Republican Party looks like it's about to flat line.

I long for a day when conservatives have a party that can stand alone, a party that has the strength to stand up to all invaders foreign and domestic. Republicans spent to long drifting to the left, talking and not acting. Talk is cheap and sitting on your hands will do nothing. Abe Lincoln and Ron Reagan’s republican party is far far away. I didn’t leave the Republican Party, the Republican Party left me! I will not CALM DOWN. I will not fade into the crowd; I will not go quietly into the polling booth. I am a LOUD PERSON and proud. The time is now to create a new party, a CONSERVATIVE party.

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