Saturday, January 9, 2010

Say Cheese!

So there it is, what it looks like when you are subjected to a full body scanner. I am conflicted on using them in the US. Safety should come first and other than swallowing the explosives this looks like a pretty good way to see what a person is packing (no pun intended). In this troubled time we live in you got to give to get. Of course how much are people willing to give?

In a post 9/11 world we have put up with many many extra hours standing in airports, been deprived of our toothpaste and most would say it is worth it to be safe. But the crotch bomber of X-mas '09 showed us it's not enough. So is the next step parading naked in front of some barely high school diploma holding TSA agent. Plus is this just dumbing down the job? I once saw a cash register at a Taco Bell in Huntington Beach, CA with pictures on the buttons. So they had dumbed the job down to you ordering a taco and the kid behind the counter pressing a picture of a taco! Same principle applies here, will the scan make the TSA lazy? The crotch bomber got on the plane not only with his explodable panties but a syringe full of the acid he needed to make his explosive cocktail. Add to that the religious people that would find it demeaning to have some looking at them and or their spouses exposed. Not that I care about offending people so much as their response. Jews and the like would take it on the shoulder and move on but we all know how butt hurt muslims get and well that's why we're in this mess in the first place. I also saw an interview with a former head honcho from EL AL (Israeli airline) who has a pretty good record of zero attacks in the last 30+ years. He said we don't need scanners we need to profile, racially and any other way we can. But we are too worried about offending someone, by profiling them, not looking at them naked!

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