Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Question is Who?

I watch the news, a lot and I read even more on the internet. Being a conservative republican is not easy these days. While I think we will do well in the mid-terms coming up, I am troubled about two years from now. Who can we (conservatives) put up against Obama (or Clinton if you believe the rumors), there are a lot of names swirling around, but I am not sure about any of them.

Sarah Palin- She's smart, but I don't think she has the experience to run the Country. Being governor is usually enough and I understand Alaska is a big state with big issues that the governor has to deal with. But I can't equate that to running the US, especially a US that is in a financial crisis almost Great Depression sized. I see a bright future for her in the RNC chair.

John McCain- That's a damn joke and I never want to hear it again. RINO.

Fred Thompson- I think he may have been able to do the job two years ago but now he's done.

Mitt Romney- May be our best chance, he's a governor, he's a businessman, but he's also just barely conservative. Governing a state like Massachusetts you have to be a center guy. It's a blue state and it has it's own socialized health care, I know Romney says what works for the state is not for the country but that will always be in my head, up front. Oh and I don't care about his religion, Mormons have never flown a plane into a building, yes that's how I judge!

John Boehner- He also may be our best chance. Though I don't like the idea of a congressman advancing to the seat of President. Boehner is very smart and politically savvy, he was even the president of a fairly large plastics company which gives him some business experience. But he is also a politician through and through and my gut tells me to be wary of that. Politicians say whatever they have to, to get elected the R or D mean nothing.

???????????- There are a few other names out there but it is all up in the air. I know if we want to dethrone the O we will need a solid conservative candidate who is going to produce real change, not the same old canned political crap we've been getting for the past 18 years.

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