Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just Saying

  • If we're going to lose our AAA credit rating anyway and we know it's a fallacy that we can't make our payments, I say don't raise the debt ceiling. Force Obama to cut spending in order to pay the bills each month till we have a balanced budget.
  • Seems like the end of the world guy was wrong, according to CNN and MSNBC the world will end Aug 2nd id the debt ceiling isn't raised.
  • Did anyone else not know Amy Winehouse was Jewish until her funeral?
  • Funny how Obama has taken such a huge interest in the "debt crisis" over the last 4 weeks, I seem to remember posting about it here 4 months ago.
  • McDonald's caved to the First Lady's crazy power and is now including apples in their Happy Meals instead of french fries. I guess they should change the name to Pissed Off Kid Meals.
  • The Norway shooter/bomber's max jail sentence is 21 years, if we could see into hell right now we'd see Timothy McVeigh jumping up and down saying WTF?
  • I saw Captain America today, it was pretty good. Nice to see a pro-America movie. *Spoiler*- At the end Cap superman punches Obama... Wait maybe I fell asleep.
  • Republicans always talk about how important "Business Experience" is and how "politics as usual" messes thins up, so how come they are so quick to dismiss Herman Cain as just "some guy that worked in a pizza place"?
  • Democrats are funny, when you bring up Reagan they say how much they hate him and everything he did and stood for. Until they want to compare Obama to how great he was. Make up your minds!

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