Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just Saying

  • Since Obama is pretending to be president shouldn't he wear a Reagan mask or something?
  • If I let four Americans die in a far away land, I wouldn't want to talk about it either.
  • We knew this hurricane was coming for days and FEMA still didn't seem ready, is this proof Obama doesn't care about white people?
  • There's nothing like using children to get your point across, no I'm not talking about the creepy Obama kids singing about death. This is a lesson on redistribution Steven Crowder style!
  • Wanna see something scary? Look at this!
  • Obama has openly said he will let the Bush tax rates expire and let the sequestration happen, last time a Dem drove a speeding car over an edge like this Ted Kennedy was driving... SPLASH! (too soon?)
  • So Disney bought Lucasfilms for $4billion, and already the talk of new Star Wars movies. It will be interesting to see Darth Vader on ABC's "Once Upon a Time".
  • Just imagine if Obama happens (by some crazy chance) to win re-election the whole country will be a liberal utopia like Chicago.
  • With Disney buying up Lucasfilm and already having Pixar and Marvel, they are quickly headed down the path of Umbrella Corp.
  • OK this wasn't my strongest Just Saying post, but it takes a lot out of a guy to bash Obama day and night.

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