Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sequestration Day 11

Well we're eleven days into Obama's sequestration. I thought I should document the horrors as they unfold.

  • Just checked USAJobs.gov there are over 5,000 available jobs.
  • Despite his previous assertions, Education Secretary Arne Duncan says teachers are not getting laid off because of budget cuts.
  • Firemen are paid by the state, no federal dollars. No chance of job loss.
  • Pretty sure medical science hasn't been pushed back by a generation. Just cured a baby of HIV.
  • Obama said the Navy would have keep an aircraft carrier docked. But we're still pumping the stock market with $85,000,000,000 (that's $85 BILLION) a month via QE3. Pretty sure that would cover the daily running cost of the carrier; $1,400,000. 
  • Obama also said 800,000 fed employees would have to take a pay cut. But if we took 5bil of QE3 and gave it to the navy. Then took the remaining 80BILLION and divided it to those employees they could each have an extra $100,000 A MONTH.
So he lied again. Big Surprise, Obama says horrible things that are gonna happen if we don't do something (usually raise taxes), just know it's a lie, every time. The federal govt is not there to take care of us. It does not need to spend more money than it takes in. It does not need to be pumping the stock market. It is OK to shrink the FedGov despite what Obama tells you!

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