Sunday, October 23, 2005


Like every movie that's adapted from a book or in this case video game, Doom was doomed by its writers changing the story around. First it wasn't genetic tampering that created the monsters they were demons. Second, there was no team, its not a multiplayer game, it was one guy alone "Sarge" and he was it. Third they portray both the military and big corporations in a bad light so you know its a typical libby propaganda pic. The original game was one man left from a team that was slaughtered by DEMONS that came through a portal on mars (I know its far fetched but it was a video game). The premise of the game is Sarge going it alone dealing with that fact that he's the only person left and he has to do something about the demons. Doom gets 1 bloody thumb up for action & graphics. One bloody thumb down for a bummer of a story, a lame plot and some poor acting on the part of the no-names.

Make me believe That this place isn't paid By the poison in me Help me decide If my fire will burn out Before you can breath- Breathe into me I stand alone Inside I stand alone - Godsmack

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