Thursday, November 10, 2005

Chicken Little

After the incredibles, I didn't think Disney had it it in them to make another good animated movie. I stand corrected. No politics, no unneeded foul language and a pretty good story. The actors did well for the voices, it was nice to hear Don Knotts' pop in as a character. Over all, I say 2 feathers up for the little chicken. I am looking forward to Harry Potter 4 where Ralph Fiennes will take the the role Voldemort, which should be sweet. Other than that I don't have any big hopes for movies. The Oscar news is already out that brokeback mountain is gonna sweep as revenge for conservative movies making it big. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE A FAGGOT COWBOY MOVIE. More attempts by liberals to undermine pillars of American society. I will definitely boycott this movie and do everything in my power to spread the word of its evils. Hollywood not gonna like it so much when America crumbles, what they don't realize is the terrorist hate them more than the red state people, due to their lack of any kind of morals. Oh well I have to go to work.

What do ya got to loose? If you like the six a clock news than you'll like
Nature trail to hell in 3D-Weird Al


  1. You actually updated... holy shit!

  2. I'm sure chicken little was a great flick, but I'm a little burned out with CGI movies for awhile. What really did it in for me was that God-awful "Sharks Tale", I wish I never watched the 10 minutes I tolerated until I just couldn't take it anymore. If I had been Elvis, I would have shot the tv with the biggest mo' fo' revolver that I could wrap my fat, greasy fingers around.

    Anyway, I heard about the shooting range up there and it's pretty cool. We definately need to have a shooting range bonanza, especially since Kett hasn't ever been shooting yet.