Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Extended Absence, Movies and Executions.

I am aware that it has been forever since I posted last and just want to let people know I am not a big enough nerd to keep this up I will get to it when I can, but I don't think I am at a place in my life where blog upkeep is important. I do however encourage any loyal readers to check back at least tri-weekly I will be making attempts to post more often

A long run of movies that were not bad, Aeon Flux gets 2.5 out of five stars for a movie interesting enough to keep you in your seat, though I didn't like Charlize Theron for the role of Aeon, she was cardboard and conservative, two things Aeon wasn't. Harry Potter 4 was better than the previous 3 getting 4 stars for good action, drama and comedy. My only complaint is that it went to fast (I know the book was like 700+ pages so maybe Potter should take the lead in splitting up big books into 2 movies, or jump to 3+ hours like lord of the rings. Walk the line gets 3.5 stars for a good sit, good casting and my enjoying Cash's music helped get those stars, but maybe someone better to play Elvis (I know it was a small role but come-on).

Lat but not least, if Govenor Arnold lets this murdering, monster, scum bag, freak, Tookie live here in Cali I will start collecting Recall Signatures myself. Arnold has made me regret voting for him too many times and this will be the last draw. If a guy who mutilated children with a shotgun blast to the FACE, then went on to start one of the most notorious street gangs ever can't get executed than pass out the recall forms cause I am doing it again. I collected against Gray (biggest loser) Davis, I will definitely hit the streets for Govenor (alienate my base) Arnold.

Is Zat You Santi Clause? - Louie Armstrong

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