Saturday, November 1, 2008

Black Out

So I have been on a news black out for almost a week and I have to say... IT'S GREAT. I know it won't last but not hearing Obama whine or McCain say "my friends" has really given me time to sleep, read, catch up with old friends and spend time with new ones. Not to mention I am just happier. So come Wednesday morning when I pop on Rush I am gonna limit my politics time. Too much makes you crazy and as you can see in my last post I have enough stress in my life as is. Plus (lemme say sorry ahead of time) I prefer spending time with real people (no offence). I'm still gonna post here often as I can, but you are gonna see less politics and more real life.

If you've never done a politics black out you should try it. It will make you appreciate things more and give you clear in-site on how to deal with them. I'm still voting McCain but I won't need to drink before I do it now. Not that I am any more comfortable with the idea of voting for a RINO but he's better than the alternative and that's the best we can hope for right now!

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