Monday, September 20, 2010


While I was in Israel I read "Obama Nation" by Jerome Corsi.

It was fascinating to say the least, it gave real insight into who Barack Obama is and how he came to be President of the United States, from his childhood through college, community organizing and on to his presidential campaign. Plus all the people who influenced him along the way. One of the biggest influences was his father, he adopted his fathers view on many things and Dinesh D'Souza expanded on that in his new article in Forbes Magazine (read it; ).

The books Obama wrote should have been enough to keep him from being president with out Dr. Corsi's book, but it seems like millions of people bought them but no one read them. "Obama Nation" which was first published in 2008  was supposed to be a warning at what having Barack Obama in the White House would look like. Warnings were ignored and the "Post-racial" Obama came in swinging. I don't have to tell you what Obama has done, we are all living it as I type.

Read the book, or at least the article and know if we let the mid-term elections go by and don't make some REAL changes, "Nightmare Of Our Children's Future" will be like Obama's Father's dreams... A Reality!

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