Monday, October 11, 2010

Movie (and More Movies) Reviews

I saw a flurry of movies in the last couple days, five to be exact and I wanted to touch on a few things. Overall, they were all good, in their own ways, but some thing stood out and this is as good as any a place to talk it out.

First off the throw aways, "Vampires Suck" and "Piranha 3D". Now I know throw aways sounds bad, but I just mean they were exactly what you should be expecting. In the parody version of "Twilight" Vampires was as cheese packed as it could be and in the days of parodies like "Epic Movie" and "Scary Movie" it was exactly what you'd expect it to be. The acting was par and the jokes keep you awake, and that's pretty much it. Same goes for Piranha it's a remake of the late 70's cheeseball horror flick. Packed with nudity, face ripping gore and buckets of blood. Some would even say a distasteful amount of each.

Next is "Toy Story 3" and "Despicable Me" ( I know it rhymes shut up). TS3 was cookie cutter at best and formulaic to the extreme. We all know at tis point Disney is just putting these out to make a buck. Nothing new in the CGI department and the same characters made it a snooze fest for me. But the kids in the theater seemed to like it.  DM is pretty much the same except it throws in some butt and fart jokes along with some dark scenes that are barely appropriate for the target audience. But again it garnered some chuckles from me and the kids liked it.

Last is "Salt", the Angelina Jolie actioner. Let me get out of the way up front, I still think Angie is an attractive woman, she even gained a few pounds since "Wanted" and looks healthier. Beyond that Salt is a sold action flick with the good old Russians as the baddies. While I know Angie tends to lean center left this movie was surprisingly patriotic and America wasn't the ultimate villain. I can't say too much more without doing some major spoiler damage but I will say Salt keeps you guessing throughout and the twists are fun. Per the usual you have to suspend disbelief for the extremes of the action, but that's Hollywood. Overall it's exciting and keeps you involved beginning to end. I will be buying Salt in the near future.

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