Monday, July 23, 2012

Obama Didn't Build That

After last week's speech telling Americans they didn't build their businesses, I felt I had to respond to Obama. You know the car came before the road, and yes the government built that road. Though if cars hadn't exploded in popularity there wouldn't have been a need for those roads. But let's take a second look at the roads, built by government. The roads, police, schools, etc. are in fact from the government, but where is the government from? Yep, that's right US! We the people make it possible for gov. to do all that great stuff, with our money, work, effort, blood, sweat and tears. Take away that and the government has nothing. 
Without us the government has nothing. It cannot create jobs, roads, schools, anything without our tax dollars. We are the income, sure Obama can print money, but that's not creating wealth, that's creating debt. Obama has been spending more than the gov's been taking in for his entire term as president. That's why our national debt has exploded under Obama, up SIX trillion dollars since 2008. Sure the government can hire people to work within, but those people are being paid out of your pocket. Then they pay taxes with money that came from taxes. They can even spend money in the private sector, but because that money is taxes (which is being taxed btw), it's not adding to the growth of the economy. 
Obama wants you to feel bad for being a hard worker, he wants you to be OK with redistributing your wealth to people who are choosing not to work. Obama wants people dependent on government because then gov can control every aspect of your life. You see the gov doesn't believe you are smart or capable enough to run your own life. But somehow Obama is, the guy who won't release his college records, who spent a good amount of that time high on weed or even cocaine, who has never held a job in the real world, knows better than you. Of course 72% of people polled believe Small Business owners do work hard and are responsible for their own success

So next time you are driving on a "government" road remember that's your road. You paid for it, you built it. Don't thank Obama for graciously letting you drive on his road, thank the Founding Fathers for creating the system of government that is built of, by and for you. And whatever you do, don't let anyone take that away from you. 

One way you can help stop Obama from continuing down this path of destruction is making sure you're registered to vote and exercise that by voting for Mitt Romney 2012

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