Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just Saying...

  • Some women want the gov. out of their business when it comes to abortion, but all in their business when it comes to birth control?

  • Same women also complain there is no "rape exception" in the GOP platform, but technically there is no rape exception in the democrat platform either.
  • I would like to remind people of Obama's position; Even if the abortion fails and the baby is born ALIVE, another doctor comes in the room and KILLS IT!!!

  • With all this sudden interest in the Mormon church, I am left wondering why the media never looked into Obama's church under Rev.Wright?
  • Wesley Snipes skipped his taxes for three years and was put in jail, how could Romney get away with ten? The IRS gets it's money!
  • Is Los Angeles mayor Tony Villar termed out yet, cause LA has slipped into the 8th level of hell.
  • We're coming up on the 11th anniversary of 9/11, have we rebuilt the Twin Towers yet?
  • Jerry Brown recently said he wasn't going around trying to raise taxes in California, it's called Prop 30, look it up. Now I know why they call him Moonbeam, cause he's way out there.
  • People are complaining that LA. Mayor Bobby Jindal is asking for gov assistance over hurricane issac, but that's one of the things we actually want the gov to do.
  • Speaking of hurricane issac, several "celebrities", liberal ones of course, have been hoping and praying that issac would kill all the GOP at the RNC convention. Classy. #NewTone
  • Yesterday an Israeli court ruled the parents of a (moron) pro-palestinian protester have no civil case against the govt. for the girl being ran over by a bulldozer in a restricted area. LMAO!!!
  • Speaking of Israel, Iran has again threatened to wipe Israel off the map. They must have nukes cause the filthy bastards certainly aren't gonna use soap.
  • Apple won a billion dollar case against Samsung, and no one cared.
  • Has anyone actually told the code pinkos that dressing up like giant vaginas is disgusting and derogatory to women.
  • Obama honored the passing of American Hero Neil Armstrong by posting a picture of himself. Oh yeah and didn't order the flags half-staff. WTH? 
  • Umm excuse me Mr.President it's spelled O-H-I-O not O-I-H-O.
  • The libs have been running around saying RAPE is RAPE, which the whole country agrees with unless you are a democrat during the time Bill Clinton was in office or Roman Polanski forcibly (very graphic) sodomized a 13 year old girl (not rape rape).
  • Kindergarten tells child his name is too violent and he needs to change it, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!

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