Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One Day Later

Yesterday on the anniversary of 9/11, I warned you about the constant hate in the muslim world. Mere minutes after I submitted that post I started getting tweets about Egyptians storming our embassy in Cairo. Muslims burned our flag and shouted "There are a billion of us Obama, we are all Osama". This is a clue that the stupid muhammad movie has nothing to do with this. This was a coordinated attack on the anniversary of the biggest victory any enemy has ever had against the United States. An attack that started in a country Obama handed to the muslim brotherhood after an "arab spring" that was a peaceful uprising for the first 20 minutes. Twenty minutes after that I knew it was just a matter of time before Egypt was a islamic republic. 

A few hours after the embassy attack in Egypt, it happened again in Benghazi Libya. Except the embassy in Egypt had a heads up on the attack and was cleared out before the violence started. The embassy in Benghazi was not so lucky. The also recently "freed from the tyranny of Qaddafi" Libyans stormed our embassy, burned it down and murdered Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three of his staff. I opted yesterday not to show you graphic photos, but its a new day and maybe you didn't get everything I was trying to tell you yesterday. 

That is the body of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens, being desecrated by islamist who murdered him and dragged his body through the streets for 12 hours. Yes it took 12 hours to recover his body. Now my heart goes out to his family and I am sure they don't want to see their husband, father, son, uncle or brother like this. But you need to. You need to see what we are up against. This is not some council of Christian parents writing letters to Nickelodeon because Jason Biggs is an animal who doesn't belong on children's television. This is a group if islamist who are working right out of their holy text to "smite infidels at their necks." While Stevens was suffocated to death, many others have been beheaded by dull knives while they are still alive. I watched Daniel Pearl die, no one should ever have to go like that. 

We have to wise up and stop this. The apology issued by the embassy in Egypt that was released before any violence had taken place is just another notch in the belt of the islamist that are out to see us destroyed. This muhammad movie was screened one time in Los Angeles months ago, the "Israeli Jew" that made it Sam Bacile doesn't exist. Looks like now the movie was funded by "evangelics and copts". The real question is who gave it to the Egyptians and why?  The more of this whole situation that comes into the light the worse it looks. Well planned, coordinated and probably funded by the muslim brotherhood. We have to show them we are not a "paper tiger" and we will fight. Since we know Obama has no interest if this fight he needs to go. Do I know exactly what Mitt Romney will do? No, but I do know what Obama will do, nothing. He will let Iran have nuclear weapons, he will let the muslim brotherhood take over nations that were once considered allies, he will leave our border porous and open to any kind of illegal activity you can dream of. Former Admiral Mike Mullen has said that "our national debt is the biggest threat to national security", and that was trillions of dollars ago.

This election is shaping up to be one of the most important of our time, but don't take my word on it. Look at the facts, unemployment, the national debt, the US credit rating, the border, taxes, foreign policy! We can't afford continue absorbing this kind of damage to our country. In 53 days we either take back our nation or we give it away. You Decide!

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