Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Patriot's Day 2012

People were jumping from the highest floors of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Rather than burn to death, they chose a few fleeting seconds of terror. I decided I was not going to post the video of the people jumping, but I did want to remind you. Remind you of a crime perpetrated on America by evil hate filled muslims that to this day still want our Freedom to cease. They still hate us (and Israel) more than they love their children. They still fire rockets into quiet neighborhoods, blow themselves up on buses, set off IEDs as our troops drive by and are still trying to build a nuclear weapon in Iran. Patriot's Day is not a day of service, its a day of recognition, to recognize not only the bravery of our First Responders and Soldiers, but to recognize that there is great evil in the world and very few with the fortitude to kill it.

There is a website called The Religion of Peace that has kept track of (almost) every attack by muslims since 9/11. There they keep a running tally of all the deadly attacks, 19,582 of them to be exact. Every one of those represents at least one life taken, but many are several up to hundreds. We cannot let ourselves be lulled into a feeling of safety. Just because our Military has done an AMAZING job of keeping the jihadist off our shores doesn't mean they are not trying. We have to have constant vigilance, they just have to get lucky. In the gritty but amazing film Act of Valor we see how with some cooperation between jihadis and Mexican cartels there can be terror right on out doorstep. Since the federal government has made no effort to fix the border, the "Act of Valor" scenario is very possible. The other target is Israel, the last bastion of freedom and sanity in the region. If the Iranians are successful in finishing their nuclear weapon the first target will no doubt be our only ally in the Middle East. We already let one Holocaust happen by ignoring evil, are we really willing to see history repeat itself?  

Maybe I sound angry, WELL I AM! You should be too, you should never forget the anger that burned in you as you realized with the rest of America that we were being attacked on 9/11/01. Never forget the rage as you watched the muslims dancing in the streets of some middle east wasteland celebrating our darkest moment and never forget the 3000+ men, women and children whose lives were torn from them in the most violent way. Let that anger bubble up inside you and remember September 11, 2001 the day cowards slashed the throats of flight attendants with box cutters and forced their way into cockpits (that were not locked, reinforced doors cause they didn't have to be) and crashed planes into the symbols of freedom in our Great Country.

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