Monday, January 14, 2013

They'll Never Learn

On Dec 22nd, New York's Journal News published online an article titled "Where are the gun permits in your neighborhood?". The leftist rag decided that they would expose the names and addresses of registered permit holding gun owners. The Journal thought they were being slick, putting sunlight on those evil gun owners. But it was really a boost for criminals, in more ways than one. What will it take for the Journal News to learn? They won't, even after someone dies.

While it's common for Liberals to take advantage of tragedies like the shooting in Sandyhook CT. Deliberately putting people in danger is a new low. Foxnews interviewed a few ex-cons that said if they had a map like that it would have made their job much easier. To me it's pretty clear, one with crime on his mind might go to the unarmed homes at night, feeling safe that the owners won't have the ability to fight back. Then if one wanted to replenish their supply of stolen guns just needs to rob the homes with guns in the daytime when no one is home.

Along with every Tom, Dick and Sally whose names were published was Jeanine Pirro, Foxnews host and former judge on the Westchester County Court, now I am sure it is easily understood why a former judge needs both a weapon for protection and privacy of her home address. Watch this clip from the Judge's show with her reaction:

Here's where the real scary part starts, four weeks to the day that the Journal News article was published a home in White Plains was broken into, had the story;
"A White Plains residence pinpointed on a controversial handgun permit database was burglarized Saturday, and the burglars' target was the homeowner's gun safe. 
At least two burglars broke into a home on Davis Avenue at 9:30 p.m. Saturday but were unsuccessful in an attempt to open the safe, which contained legally owned weapons, according to a law enforcement source. One suspect was taken into custody, the source said".
Luckily the owner, who was in his 70's was not home at the time of the robbery. The brazen thieves brought a ladder and broke through a 2nd story window.

So the question is when will someone die because of the Journal News' irresponsibility and will they even care? I will answer that for you, yes someone will die and NO they don't care. You see the left only pretends to care about things, they claim this all for the safety of our children and look the other way while planned parenthood has a record year and aborts over a million babies. They claim to care about jobs and the poor while they continue to squash small businesses and add more to the list of foodstamp recipients that ever before. They tell you that you are not capable of defending your home and family with a gun, while they walk around with concealed carry permits and armed guards 24/7. Don't let the government run your life into the ground. Stand up for the Bill of Rights, don't let Obama trample the Constitution any longer. Exercise those rights, SPEAK UP, call your congressman and senators, vote and write a blog, we can't rely on the AssKissMedia to watch out for us. If you really want to stick your thumb in their eye, BUY A GUN! Take a safety course, join the NRA and add your name to the ranks of those will not be sheep led to the slaughter. Celebrate with us on Gun Appreciation Day!

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